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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Christmas Fun 2017

We had another great Christmas this year, even though for the first time in a couple years we weren't able to spend it with our families.  We got to spend various parts of it with our work/travel family.  We started out the season with a little Christmas party/ gift exchange at our place with a bunch of our crew.  We had a lot to eat and a lot to drink and also a lot of fun!

On December 12, we celebrated our five year anniversary with an outing to National Harbor in DC.  We checked out the tree, had a delicious dinner at Bond 45 and went to "Joy" the music and light show at the Gaylord center.

The day after our anniversary, I flew to Florida for a quick pre Christmas trip to get the house in shape for my parents January visit.  I got my nails done, and went to a Christmas open house at Natural Balance as well.

I also had to go tour one of the best Christmas light displays in the US, just a mile from our house in Indian Trails.

I found this cute little set up at the beach and had to get my picture taken!

I went to our local ice cream place where they make ice cream by blasting the ingredients with liquid Nitrogen... I got chocolate peppermint in the spirit of Christmas.

When I got back to Maryland, I only had a couple days with my favorite baby (and his mama) so we did a little Christmas gift exchange before they left to go home for Christmas.

My new Christmas sweater!

Relaxing with some wine and my favorite Christmas movie.

Christmas day it was just Josh and I so we got up early and tore into our gifts.

I made Wifesaver Breakfast, a tradition in the Christensen household.

I got a nice wooden box for my oils and a new phone case.

Some awesome bath bombs from my lovely sister in law.

A couple new hats and scarves.

Smudge and I in our matching Christmas shirts.

This is a crystal weather predictor.  The crystals are in different formations and positions depending on what the weather is going to be.

Canada 150 Hillberg and Berk from my parents.

This is a bunch of stuff I won in an instagram contest from TMBRs.

Smudge got a new collar.

A diffuser necklace made my one of my favorite potters from my aunt and uncle.

My Christmas cards!  Thank to to everyone who sent this year!

Between Christmas and the new year we finally made it to the Christmas themed bar in DC.

And finally, NYE.  We went over to Wilbur and Sage's for some champagne and then we came home.  Josh had to work so Smudge and I stayed up to celebrate!