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Friday, September 27, 2019

Fab Friday Faves 9.27.19

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a while since I did a Friday blog again, but it is time to catch up.  First things first, I haven't done a blog since we found out that we are having a boy! We were sure we were having a girl, but we are over the moon to know that we are having a little man.

This week we are sending all of our love and prayers to our sweet niece, who is in Toronto with some heart problems.  She may have to have open heart surgery in the next few days and of course we are hoping for the best possible outcome and a quick recovery for this little angel.  

I'm also sending Happy birthday wishes to my BFF, Miranda today.  We spend almost all of her birthdays together so I am sad that I can't be there. BUT, I will be there next week (for 2.5 weeks so we will be able to celebrate). Have a great weekend!

Besides that, there is nothing life changing going on with me.  I mean besides being 18 weeks pregnant and all. My nausea is mostly gone but my migraines are relentless.  Also, last week I started developing pregnancy Carpal Tunnel very bad in both wrists.  It is brought on from the swelling and affects up to 60% of women at some point in their pregnancy but doesn't usually start until 30 weeks.  It is quite bad and very annoying, but I've started wearing braces at night, learning some stretches and I got acupuncture and a massage this week.  Not sure what helped, but I am coping at managing to get more than one hour of sleep a night. The last few days my belly is starting to pop a little bit too.  Hopefully soon I will look pregnant and not just fat. 

We are going to Orlando tomorrow to celebrate Chrissy's birthday and then I leave on Wednesday to go to Saskatchewan!   So not sure when I will be back blogging but hopefully I will be able to when I am there.  Everyone have a great weekend! 

 Josh's birthday was a couple weeks ago.  I made him his favorite ice cream cake and we pretty much stuck close to home.  We also went to a Rays game.  He was spoiled as usual!

Recently the Marston's moved to the Tampa area.  I went to visit Nicole and Jackson a few days ago to catch up.  We had a great time wandering around, Jackson got so big! 

Tomorrow is International Rabbit Day! These are my four sweet little foster buns, they are all the greatest and looking for their forever homes! 

Last week, Jess and I went to the Sunken Gardens in St. Pete for a walk and a visit.  This is such a beautiful place with lot of animals and beautiful plants.  If you have the chance, check it out. 

A couple weeks ago, Chris Young, Chris Janson and LoCash came to the amphitheater in Tampa and put on such an amazing show.  We love this venue and these guys were awesome. 

Chad and Chrissy and the boys came to visit last weekend.  We went to  the Rays vs. Red Sox game Saturday night then spent Sunday in the pool.  It was such a nice, chill relaxing weekend with the best weather.  We could use more like this. 

Nail Day was last week and since I am going to SK (and the forecast is calling for a foot of snow right before I get there) I decided to get some fall nails. They turned out so pretty.

A few weeks ago, Target released their 20th anniversary collection of various designers that they have collaborated with.  There wasn't a ton that I wanted even though there was some great stuff but I did get myself a Lilly Pulitzer dress, a set of baby dishes and cutlery, and some cute tumblers.

 Starbucks recently came out with their new Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew.  While I'm not really drinking coffee often, I had to try this and it is so good.  Not nearly as sweet as a PSL but the cream on top just has a hint of pumpkin and cinnamon, so good!

 Last night Josh and I went to try the new Taco place Shaker and Peel (opened by the owners of one of our favorite restaurants, Craft Street Kitchen) It just opened on Wednesday and it was so good.  We got a variety of tacos and a couple delicious appetizers because it was appetizer night.  You should totally try it if you are in the Oldsmar area.

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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Fab Friday Faves 9.6.19

Well, it is not Friday... it's hardly even Saturday still, but I tried! I sat down to do this blog several times and just got distracted or busy or just didn't feel like it.  Also, it was a pretty quiet week so I don't have a ton to write about. Hurricane Dorian spared us, we actually really didn't get any effects from it, other than it was breezier for a few days than normal.  It did however destroy so many places, and is currently ravaging Halifax.  After that it should be gone.   Looks like we have another one coming just off shore of Africa, hoping it turns out into the Atlantic like the one that is out there right now.  Probably the biggest news of the week, is that we announced our pregnancy on Monday! I'm 15 weeks today, and it has been quite a 15 weeks... more on that in a future blog post! We are so excited and so thankful for the love we have received over the last few days and weeks from everyone.  Have a great week and hopefully we will see you on Friday this time!

For the first time in over 4 months, I got my hair done this week!  I really wish I would have taken a before shot, because it was truly scary.  There was a lot of hat wearing and ponytails the last couple months.  I also got a little purple in it too for the first time in a very long time.  You only live once right?

Here is our announcement! Smudge was very excited she got to be part of it (it took 4 days and a lot of my blood was shed in the process).  I'm due on February 29, 2020 and we are so happy after a very long road to get here.

Tuesday was a hurricane day for most of Florida, and Chad and Chrissy made a stop in Tampa for a couple days to escape the storm in Orlando. Chrissy and I took the kids to the Glazer Children's Museum in downtown Tampa for the day.  We had so much fun, it really is a great place to spend a few hours!

On Sunday Josh and I went to the Rays vs. Indians day game for something to do that wasn't a million degrees (Tropicana Field is an indoor domed stadium, a necessity for Florida).  We always love going to games here and the Rays won which makes it even better.

We don't know if we are having a boy or a girl yet, but I went to the Season ending 50% off sale at Stellie Bellies consignment store here in Palm Harbor.  For the $31 I paid for all of this, I won't feel bad donating the dresses if we are having a boy.  Those shoes are the cutest little pair of Toms too.  Almost everything is name brand and in new condition. 

I of course will be needing some new clothes too.  I lost about 10 lbs from being so sick from about week 6-12, and I have gained back about 3 or 4 of that (that will happen when you can actually start eating again) but even being smaller than I was before I got pregnant, my pants and shorts especially are starting to get a bit tight.  One nice thing about living in Florida, is that when the rest of the country is starting to buy fall clothes, it is still so hot here  (it has been well over 100F with the humidex all week) that we still have a couple months at least left for summer clothes. SO, when all the summer clothes start to go on clearance, I am buying like crazy.  Pink Blush Maternity was one of those places and I took advantage.  I got the first 3 items pictured for $30 with shipping and the denim dress I got on clearance at Target for $8.

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Friday, August 30, 2019

Fab Friday Faves 8.30.19

Hello and happy Friday all!  Happy birthday to my lovely Mother-in-law today!  It's a bit of a scary Friday, for pretty much all of Florida right now, as we have a hurricane coming, and not much of an exact idea where.  Hoping it weakens and ends up being not as bad as they are saying.  We are on the opposite coast from landfall but it's looking like it could be still a cat 1 when it gets here.  Lets hope not.  Regardless, we will be taking everything out of the backyard tomorrow so nothing gets destroyed and we don't lose any windows.
other than that, not much is new from the last couple weeks.  We currently have 4 foster bunnies, as Thomas and Oreo are now back.  they house seems to be getting smaller but it is nice to have them all here.  Smudge is thrilled too haha.
Everyone have a safe weekend in Florida and a great weekend everywhere else!

On Saturday Josh and I went to Busch Gardens for Bierfest.  We wandered around some areas that we hadn't been before and found some new animals and fun stuff.  Josh went on the Montu ride, I did not! It was a good time but insanely hot, we only lasted a few hours. 

Josh stopped to get some cupcakes from my favorite place, Small Cakes in Oldsmar.  I have been wanting to try the Dunkaroos one for a long time and it was delicious, but they all were! 

Nail day was a couple days ago!  I'm slowly transitioning to some fall colors, even though it willl be months before it is fall here. 

A couple weeks ago, we went to the Mid Florida Credit Union Amphitheater for Heart, Joan Jett and Elle King. It was such a great show and the venue is awesome.  Elle King was way better than expected and Heart can still rock! 

I found a Spoonbill out at Honeymoon the other day.  It was my first that I have seen out there.  I love these birds!

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Fab Friday Faves 8.16.19

Hello everyone and happy rainy Friday from Florida.  It has actually been raining since monday, we are at 7 inches as of a few minutes ago.  I have cabin fever, but the temperatures have been cooler so I can't complain too much! We are in the heart of rainy season so I may as well get used to it, as long as those pesky hurricanes stay away. I just realized that I didn't blog last week, I had every intention of doing so, not sure what happened, but I really didn't have much to write about anyway.
I also realized that I haven't written anything since I said that Juju and Pat were headed to their forever home.  After a long road trip for them (and us too), and even dropping them off, we were told that the new owner was unable to take them.  So, they are back here now, which I am very happy with, but I felt bad because they were so terrified after their 3 hours in a vehicle.
We had a new alarm system installed this week, that was probably most of my excitement. It includes a camera for our driveway and front door.  I'm not sure why I have been getting amusement out of going back and watching people go by our house.
We are also sad this week, we lost another member of the family from Maine.  We will miss you Bud.

As most of your probably saw on Facebook or Instagram, we went to Orlando to visit Chad and Chrissy and the kids last weekend.  We went to Disney Springs and wandered around there, ate some good food and took in the sights.  Its a really nice place, free and beautiful for a walk on a hot day because there are lots of stores to duck into at anytime.  On Sunday we went to downtown Orlando, to Lake Eola and walked around the lake in the scorching heat.  But it was really nice with a great little farmer's market. 

One of my favorite Saskatchewan Jewelry creators Transformed Jewelry had a sale on her Prairie Lily (saskatchewan's provincial flower) jewelry on Saskatchewan Day so I finally pulled the trigger and bought one of her necklaces.  All of her work is made from broken pottery and dishes and this necklace is beautiful.  Checkout her Etsy shop, there are a lot more pieces that I would love! 

We had this beauty Red Shouldered Hawk visiting us in the backyard yesterday.  I hope she was hunting rats but she was just  mostly keeping an eye on us. 

I got these shoes on clearance at Target last week for $7, down from $30.  I have wanted a pair like this for ages so I couldn't resist. 

I went to the mall yesterday, to check out the last days of Charming Charlie and to walk around, since it has been pouring here all week.  I stumbled upon a candy store and had to get some of my favorite childhood candy.   The Bottle Caps are still the same but the Candy Smokes are not nearly as good!

The final episode of one of my favorite shows, Elementary, aired this week.  I have watched this from the start and am very sad to say goodbye.  I actually am 3 episodes behind because I am trying to make it last a little bit longer. I would love if Netflix or Prime picked it up but after 7 seasons I doubt that will happen.

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Friday, August 2, 2019

Fab Friday Faves 8.2.19

Hello and happy Friday everyone!

First I would like to send my love and prayers back to Maine, to Josh's family for the loss of a very special man and uncle, tragically, on Wednesday.

It has been a long couple weeks since I last posted, and honestly I haven't been feeling great and haven't been up to much as you'll be able to tell from my five. Smudge, the bunnies and I have been hanging out inside for the most part, it has been either hot or storming here, as per Florida summer. Speaking of the bunnies, we found out yesterday that Pat and Juju have found their forever home and will be headed there sometime this weekend.  I am sad to see them go because  they are really starting to open up to me and are so sweet, but I am happy that they have found a home that can continue to give them the love and attention that they need.  Look at these adorable faces!

We had our solar panels installed this week which is cool, I felt so bad for the guys doing it, up on our roof on the hottest day for like, 11 hours.

We don't have much for plans this weekend, there is some yard work that really needs to be done, but I do hope we can get out for a bit, I'm feeling pretty cooped up!

Everyone have a great weekend, and Canada, have a great long weekend (and Saskatchewan Day) I'm jealous!

This week I had nail day. I actually made it a month with out my last set getting chipped or really rough looking with the dip, so I got it again.  They are so pretty and a lot more ombre than they look in the picture.

I love trying new flavors of waters, and La Croix just came out with Hi-Biscus.  It is delicious and a nice change.

Josh and I went to the Got Lobstah? Food truck at two Lions Winery in Palm Harbor on the weekend.  It has been so long since I had a warm butter lobster roll (I prefer them over the mayo style) and it was soooo good.  Apparently everyone else in Palm Harbor (made up of mostly people from the north) thought so too, because they sold out in a couple hours.

My new doormat from Zulily came this week.  How cute is it?

I got a couple packs of these samples of True Lemon at an event we went to this weekend and I am in love.  I have never tried them before and I especially love the packs that are a slice of lemon, grapefruit or lime.  They taste exactly like a wedge in your drink without that fake sugar taste of a lot of a lot of the water enhancers out there.

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Friday, July 19, 2019

Fab Friday Fave 7.19.19

Hello and happy Friday everyone!  It's late so this will be quick. Its only been 5 day since I did my last FIVE because I procrastinated last week, and I didn't want to continue being off track.  It has been a pretty quiet week, Josh is still in Maine, so it is me and Smudge and the bunnies just hanging out, doing some crafts and projects and little things around the house. He gets back on Monday, so maybe a little more excitement next time.  I'd like to send out my love to everyone that has been affected by the crazy severe weather back home in Saskatchewan in the last week <3 Everyone have a fun and safe weekend.

Some beach pictures from after the full moon the other morning.  The shelling was better than it has been in quite a while too, so I had a lovely walk and found some lovely shells. 

I got a couple flower arrangements this week.  One from my grandma Jean (the roses) and the tropical  one from Josh.  I'm too spoiled but it's been a while since I got flowers so I was loving it! 

This mural was at the mall the other day when I went to check out the Charming Charlie closing sale. I've really been trying to give off and receive good vibes only lately.  I'm over drama, and people that dull my shine and try to diminish the things I do and the things I am happy about that are going on in my life.  I have great friends and family and I don't need the ones that can't life me up or can't put any effort into our relationship! 

Josh bought me this puzzle before he left (I love stamps and have most of these)  and he thought that it would keep me occupied until he got home. It took me about 5 hours.  I have to say it was really fun to do an ONLY 500 piece puzzle! 

My Portulaca (yes like the weed that I also have growing wild in my yard) has been blooming so beautifully for a few weeks now.  Who knew this could be so pretty! 

I don't think these need any further description. YUM.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

*recipe* Key Lime Pie Popsicles

There's no secret that I love Key Lime everything.  My first real Key Lime treat was Frozen chocolate  covered key lime pie on a stick in Key West after our wedding.  Since then, I pretty much get it everywhere I can (There is a lot of Key Lime stuff all over Florida). When I saw this recipe on Facebook (thanks Miranda!) I had to make them.  They are delicious!  Mine obviously aren't as pretty as the pictures floating around but I can guarantee they taste just as good.  Also, secret tip, the mix before it is frozen is just as good as the popsicles, it's lucky I even filled up the molds.


  • 1 (3.4oz) package instant vanilla pudding
  • 1 (14oz) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 2/3 cup fresh key lime juice
  • 2/3 cup whole milk
  • 1 tbsp lime zest
  • 1/2 cup graham crackers, crushed (about 2 sheets)


In a large bowl, combine pudding mix, condensed milk, lime juice, milk and lime zest. Whisk until smooth then transfer to popsicle molds. 

Top each popsicle with 1 tbsp graham cracker crumbs (I used less because I don't actually love graham crackers). Insert popsicle stick into each popsicle and freeze 6 hours or until frozen.

Before serving, run under warm water to loosen the popsicles. 

Thanks to for the recipe!