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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May 2015 be filled with love, laughter and good health for everyone.  I don't have a post prepared but I want to re-share my last year's post with some of my favorite Peruvian New Year Traditions.  Enjoy and have a fantastic night!  We are headed into Manhattan with some friends to enjoy the Times Square New Year from the comfort of a bar with open bar and unlimited food.  Can't wait! xo

Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Christmas Day

I hope everyone had a very fantastic Christmas, I know I did!  It was nice just to have a quiet day at home enjoying our gifts and lots of food.  You know how everyone always asks what you got for Christmas but you can never remember?  Well I have decided to do a blog to avoid that problem.  I also want everyone to know how grateful I am for everything.  I was totally spoiled and want to thank everyone so much.  I love that even as far as 2000 miles away, my friends and family still think about me.  
Anyway, I will start off with my Christmas cards this year.  I always send out a ridiculous amount of cards and hardly ever get many back.  I am fine with that, I know that small mail is getting more and more rare, and people just don't have the time anymore.  Not to mention stamp prices are outrageous! This year though, I got more cards back than I think I ever have and was totally excited about it!  I may never take them down.  Thank you to everyone that sent to us this year!

Since I am really an 8 year old, I actually got no sleep Christmas eve, and was pretty much dragging josh out of bed, not letting him even have his morning coffee before opening his stocking.  I did though, have time to dress up the cats in their reindeer and elf costume and put on a Charlie brown Christmas.

Now on to the gifts.  I hate to pick favorites but I am pretty much obsessed with my Dyson DC 59 Digital Slim Vacuum my parents got me from Target.  I have been vacuuming about 3 times a day and may have acquired a small OCD.  Its been quite a while since I had a decent vacuum, not having anything but a dust buster in Alaska, then one from the 80s that worked sometimes in Peru and having a Swiffer vac (which I really do love, it just doesn't pick up things like litter) here in NJ.  Thanks mommy!  Also I am possibly going to live in these leggings that my parents also got me, and this sweater I got on half price at Old Navy.

Josh got me this awesome Sephora Superstars set that I had been eyeing.  It is one of the best gift sets I have seen and has some of my favorite brands.

 He also got me this Tom Ford Neroli Portofino body spray.  This is my favorite perfume ever, but it is outrageously expensive so I was excited to get this, which is almost as good haha.

I got this awesome Redken set from my brother and sister in law, Luke and Vanessa, LOVE Redken.

Josh got me the Backyard Farmer Pickling set.  Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE gardening and pickling and making preserves.  I obviously can't garden living in a high-rise, but I can make pickles.  I can't wait to try this out.

Candy Cane Crunch bar (SO GOOD) and the tea towel that sums up my life from my friends Ken and Susan.

Josh got me this Fox heating pad and wallet/purse/phone holder from one of my favorite stores, Francesca's and my mom got me the adorable little jewelry dish there as well.

Josh got me this NYC Subway cuff and double ended Chrysler building necklace from one of my favorite jewelry designers Design Hype.  Check out there stuff, its amazing!

Josh also got me two Alex and Ani bracelets which I love getting and I have quite a collection of them!  Love these NYC and birthstone ones.

My mom, who sells South Hills Designs got me this bracelet, similar to the Alex and Ani, but with a bit of a personal touch.  If you haven't checked out South Hill Designs you should!  They have lovely jewelry and those cute lockets with the little charms inside.  So cute!

I have been collecting Thomas Sabo charms for a few years now, and haven't gotten a charm in a long time so I was super excited to get a new one fem Josh.  The new one is the little heart, key and pearl one that is way shinier than the rest.  I did shine up the bracelet after I took this pic and it looks fantastic!  He also got me this day planner that is super nice and much needed!

My water diffuser bottle from Josh is another thing I have wanted for so long!  I drink a ridiculous amount of water and its so nice to have a little natural flavor in it sometimes.  

My parents got me this cute little bracelet set too.

 My bestie Miranda got me this little set of Stella and Dot earrings.  How adorable are they?  I just love Stella and Dot too!

My stepdad in law picked out this awesome Colorado Avalanche spatula. Love it!

 One of my stocking stuffers was these touch screen SK Roughriders mini gloves from my parents.  Can never have too much Rider apparel if you are from Saskatchewan!

This is just a little thing but its so handy!  A Metrocard holder/NYC subway map from my parents.

This spoon bracelet from my parents in law!  I am obsessed with vintage silverware jewelry!

A cute new vintage apron from Josh, anyone who knows what a mess I am knows this is necessary.

 My other bestie Nicole got me the following things, and I love them all!  A cute faux fur cowl, Sweater from Charlotte Russe and a Bare-minerals makeup set.

Grandma Jean got me this adorable shirt (because I'm a crazy cat lady) and this pretty little bear Christmas ornament.

These are my "favorite leggings in the world" leggings from my parent's dogs and my bro.

 I also got some gift cards which I always LOVE, from my inlaws.

I'm a very "green" person so I love getting new reusable shopping bags, especially this cute NYC one from my mom.

 Josh got me this little "Mana-tea" Loose leaf tea diffuser.  I have wanted him for ages!

We also got $100 dollars from Grandma and Grandpa Christensen, nothing better than cold hard cash!  Love you all and thank you so much!  

Before Christmas, Josh ordered a couple classic Christmas albums; A Charlie Brown Christmas and Frank Sinatra's Christmas.  Both amazing.  Not sure if the cats liked the music or if they were enthralled by the spinning record.

Jinx likes to help us unwrap gifts.

I spent most of the morning preparing a Christmas lunch for us.  I love cooking but doing all that on Christmas day seems like a lot of work!  Good thing it was all delicious.

We relaxed most of the afternoon (we were in a total food coma) and then headed out to go to the city not long before dark.  This is a picture taken in the Newport Green in front of our building.  Meowy Christmas!

Rockefeller Center was a total madhouse.  Thousands and thousands of people lined unto get a view of the famous tree.  We didn't want to wait in line, and didn't want to be in the mob of people, so we just skirted the side of it and grabbed some pics.  It really is truly breathtaking.

On the way back to the subway we had a fantastic view of the Empire State Building and its Christmas colors.  I just never get enough of this building.  I <3 NY!

We got home and watched some Christmas movies and had a very early night!  I hope your Christmas was as magical as mine.  Have a great New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Fab Friday Faves 12.26.14

Welcome to the last Friday Faves of 2014!  I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas filled with family, friends and lots of food!  I haven't included any gifts that I got or anything in this post, I will have one next week, but man was I ever spoiled.  Everyone enjoy my five and have a great day and a great Boxing Day to my friends and family at home.  I'm jealous!

1.  This picture was about 10 minutes after we woke up this morning.  Just enough time to dress up Smudge and Jinx.  they are such good sports haha.  This was followed by a lot of present opening.

2. I got this present not as a Christmas gift, but as a wedding present from my Grandma Doreen and Uncle Glen (not my real grandma and uncle).  Yes it is two years late, but it was totally worth the wait for a homemade cozy warm afghan!  Just in love with it and so are the cats!

3. I had been pining over this Starbucks advent calendar for a couple months, but had been too cheap to spend the $30 to buy it.  So I waited until I saw it on the 22nd in the city for $10 and then I got it!  I'm still working on getting up to the 25th but its fun and there are some delicious chocolates and a $5 gift card.

4. My Christmas Jamberrys. So cute!

5. The Empire State Building on Christmas night.  We ventured into the city for something to do and had to get a picture of this.  Beautiful!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas in NYC

I've been spending a lot of time just walking around the city lately, enjoying the beautiful Christmas scenery.  My favorite place is Fifth Avenue, with all the high end stores and their displays.  NYC is truly breathtaking at Christmas, and even though none of these pictures can capture it, I hope this gives you an idea of how amazing it is, even without some snow!

 Saks Fifth Avenue, is beautifully lit, but the most spectacular part is their light show opposite the Rockefeller Christmas tree every night.

Lord and Taylor on Fifth ave has the most adorable Christmas windows!  Probably my favorite store.


Henri Bendel

Harry Winston

Van Cleef and Arpels

Tiffany!  This also looks gorgeous at night but I never got any pictures.

Bergdorf Goodman

The Plaza Hotel

The Pulitzer Fountain covered in Christmas Trees

Radio City Music Hall

In Front of the McGraw Hill building on Broadway

Some horses along the median on Park Ave.

Park Avenue office building

Grand Central Terminal

 Bryant Park

The Christmas tree in Bryant Park

Of course the most famous Christmas spot in NYC, Macys.

Playing A Miracle on 34th Street on a giant screen, outside Macys' on 34th Street.

Some of their window display stories

Rockefeller Center

The famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

The New York Public Library

In the Financial District

Even the Charging Bull got in the spirit!

Everyone have a very safe and Happy Christmas with your family and friends!  xoxo