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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 9.30.16

Alright Darlings, how can it possibly be October tomorrow?  Where did September go?  Where did the summer go?  I'm not really complaining, this has been the hottest summer that I have ever experienced and four months of 90-100F (30-40C) weather is plenty enough for me.  I have never been so excited for pants and long sleeve shirts!  As some of your know, I spent a large part of the last week in Nashville on a girls trip for my BFF Miranda's birthday.  Five of us ladies went and had a fantastic time.  I have included it in my Five but look for a blog or two about the whole trip soon.  I didn't want to give away too much, but it was a really, really fun trip.  Since I got back Tuesday night, I have basically just been trying to catch up from the five long days  of fun and excitement.  Sadly, this is more difficult for a 33 year old than I had hoped but I'll get there!  I have also included a few favorites from the week prior since I was unable to do a FFF last week.

We are having the rainiest days ever here in Maryland so I am not sure what the plan will be for the weekend, but I'm hoping we can manage to go out and have some Autumn fun.  My thoughts are  with the Caribbean countries that are being hammered by Hurricane Matthew right now and will be throughout the weekend.  It looks right now like Florida MIGHT miss this one but I'm still checking the forecasts every two minutes to see if the Tampa Bay area is going to get anything.  Also, love to one of my favorite cities, Hoboken after the tragic train crash yesterday.  I walked through the Hoboken Terminal almost everyday for a year and a half and can't imagine being there when this happened to all these people.  Healing wishes to everyone involved.

I can't forget to mention that this week I am the featured blogger on the High Five For Friday linkup.   Thanks to the lovely ladies over there for choosing me this week.  Click on the link to check it out on the bottom of this post. 

Everyone have a safe weekend, no matter where you are and see you soon!

1. Like I mentioned, I spent Thursday to Tuesday in Nashville on a girls trip.  We had an amazing time and did the most Nashville-y things like the Grand Ole Opry, a steamboat river cruise, a wagon pub-crawl and lots of walking and siteseeing and and shopping.  So much fun and check out my upcoming blogs for more of the fun!  

2. The weekend before Nashville, Josh and I went to Farm Aid 2016 in Bristow, VA.  It was an awesome day filled with food and some awesome bands and artists like Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellancamp, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, Sturgil Simpson, Jamey Johnson and Allison Kraus, and Nathaniel Rateliffe.  This is a fantastic very well organized festival that benefits farmers in America... no better cause!  

3. Is it possible?  Is fall really here?  I celebrated National Coffee Day today with a HOT coffee in jeans and a plaid shirt, the first time I have been able to wear something other than shorts and a tank top in months.  I'm embracing the fall colors in my home and in my wardrobe and makeup and I love it!
 4. I took this picture before I left on my trip and I just think it is the cutest frog ever.  I am pretty sure he wanted me to take him home because he just let me snap away and pet his head before hopping off into the woods.

 5. I was on a girls trip in Nashville so of course some shopping was involved.  I got myself some new cowboy boots downtown, a Vera Bradley clutch and a Kate Spade phone case at the Opry Mills Outlet mall and some other various souvenirs. I did not bring back a cat back with me but I sure did miss her!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wings of Fancy Butterflies

A few weeks ago, Lindsey packed me and the kids up and we went to Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring for their Wings of Fancy Butterfly Garden. The Park is beautiful on it's own and the butterfly garden just added to the beauty.  It was the coolest day we had in months so the butterflies were all out enjoying a cooler day as we were.  Mostly this was just one of those awesome photo opportunities and somme fun time with the kids.  So, here are some of the pictures from our time at the garden.  I really don't know many of the kinds of butterflies but they are so pretty!  

The start off with a section with caterpillars and cocoons and chrysalis'.

They used rotting bananas along with the flowers to attract and feed the butterflies.

So many kinds of butterflies!

This is one that Josh and I saw in the Peruvian jungle.  When it's wings are up it looks like a leaf.


Love how this guy is posing for the camera and looking right at me.

This one liked Lindsey's head!

After the Butterflies we went for a walk around the park.

The pond was filled with turtles and they were hanging out by the edge wanting food from the people.

Check out Brookside Gardens and Wings of Fancy in the summer!  It's a great way to spend a day.