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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Trip to Carlos' Bakeshop

After a lovely dinner in Hoboken on Friday night at O'Nieals, we were walking home and just happened to have to walk right by Carlos' Bakeshop, the bakery of of TV's Cake Boss.  I had always kicked myself for never making it there when we lived in Long Island City, but now we are about a 15 minute walk from it.  Honestly, this could be trouble!  We had walked by before a couple times, but there was always a 30 person line out in front, so when there was no line out the door and only about ten people inside, we jumped at the chance.  

Obviously, everything inside looked fantastic, but that doesn't always mean it tastes good.  That was not the case here.  Everything that we tried was incredible.  here are a few pictures from inside the bakery.  Unfortunately, no one was working that I recognized from the show.  So, that means more visits until I can get a picture with Buddy or one of the sisters!

We ended up getting two white chocolate covered strawberries, 2 canolis (the best we have ever had by far) and a strawberry eclair.  Seriously, the best of all 3 things that we have ever had.  Come visit and we will go have some treats of our own :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fab Friday Faves 6.20.14

Wow, I can't believe it has been a whole week since I blogged last.  Whoops.  I wasn't planning on going this long again!  The week really got away from me I guess.  Its been pretty uneventful, but still busy getting settled.  There were also a couple trips into the city, and I must say, I still love it, minus the fact that I don't seem to know the subways as well as I used to.  I also went on the Sex and the City tour for the second time with Nilma, my darling friend who currently lives in Lima.  It was so good to see her and have a visit, and enjoy the awesome tour!  I will be blogging about it in a couple months after Miranda and I go on it, but I included one of our pictures here.  I also have been doing some shopping and having quality time with Nicole which I am taking full advantage of.  We even had a little poo,l party and BBQ with the guys which was so much fun! Josh and I found the "Groove on Grove" last night as well.  Live local music on the square in Jersey City, about a 15 minute walk away.  It was fantastic and they have some delicious food vendors too.  We will definitely be making it a weekly stop for the summer.  Oh and Of course, I have a mild case of World Cup fever!  I got a little more addicted to futbol in Peru and love watching! (Go BRASIL and GERMANY!)

Anyway, everyone have a fantastic weekend, and I promise I'll be back this coming week before I leave for Saskatchewan on the 29th!

1. The Sex and the City Tour with my sweet Nilma!  Such a fantastic day, and an early birthday celebration for her.  This picture is in front of Steve and Aiden's Scout Bar (actually Onieals bar, which is amazing!) on Grand St. in the Village.

2. Pizza from Lombardis on Bleeker St. in Manhattan.   Rated as one of the best in the world and I can't disagree!  Mmmmmm.  It is also known as the first licensed pizzeria in the USA.

3. The Papyrus birthday card I bought for Nilma.  I knew it was adorable when I saw the front, but when I opened it, I just fell in love with the cupcake liner in the envelope.

4. These Michael Kors fringe bags.  It was love at first sight.  On the SATC Tour we got 20% off coupons, and I didn't even use it for one of these, talk about self restraint!

5. These are my dollar herb pots I bought at Target in Bangor, ME.  I had very little faith that they would grow, but they did.  So well!  So excited for fresh chives and Basil!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Jersey Girl?!

On Sunday we arrived at our new home in Jersey City, New Jersey, where we will be for about a year.    We weren't really sure where to live when we started looking at apartments a few weeks ago.  Our good friends the Marston's were living along the Hudson River in a building owned by the same company that owns the building we were living in, in Long Island City 3 years ago, so we started looking in that area and found the Newport community right next door.  
Our trip from Maine was pretty uneventful, with a stop in Lisbon Falls, Maine, for Chad and Chrissy's housewarming party where we saw a lot of good friends and had a great evening.  When we arrived in Jersey City at our building, the guy working the front desk told us that he had no record of us having an apartment, so we were less than impressed.  Eventually we got it all sorted out and got moved in pretty quickly.  We went over to the Skylark restaurant right across the street and had a bite to eat, and it is great!  We are lucky to have some great restaurants close in our little area.  We headed back and started getting set up and got the air mattress set up... awesome.   

our view

Target shopping

The view in the fog.

cat in a shoe rack box.

Josh started work first thing on day, so I was left to do most of the unpacking and shopping, which was fine.  Nicole took me two blocks to the mall, which is a fantastic mall!  So that makes me happy! We also have a Target and BJ's (like Costco) within a few blocks so it is a great location.  
We got cable, internet, and furniture ordered on Tuesday.  The furniture is from a place called Sleep Cheap in Hoboken, and on our adventure to find it, we got to explore the streets of Jersey City.  We found Grove Street Bistro, so good!

We also found these geese.  You will see them appear more in this blog because they seem to be everywhere.

Random picture of stoned cat on counter

Wednesday, the weather was finally nice enough to go for a walk over to the home of Frank Sinatra and Cake Boss, Hoboken.  The area we checked out was fantastic.  Tons of twenty-somethings and cool little bars.  The view also isn't too shabby!

Little manmade beach right by our place

Our group of Apartments.

Hoboken train station.

Carlos' Bakery (Cake Boss) is on this street.

The geese again!

The geese outside Shoprite.

Getting our furniture set up... excuse the mess.

When the furniture guys came, the cats decided to both sleep in the sink for a couple hours.

9-11 Memorial.  These stones line up with where the twin towers stood.

Today, after the weather finally cleared again (that didn't last long, its storming like crazy right now!) Nicole and I decided to go for a walk down the boardwalk passed her place.  The boardwalk goes a couple miles in each direction from our place; perfect for morning runs.  The view again was gorgeous and it was so nice to get some sun for one of the first times in over a month.  It was actually hot as hell!

Lady Liberty in the distance.

Pretty 9-11 Memorial.

A memorial made from a girder from the twin towers and a Fire fighter sitting on the bench with some items left for them after it happened.

I think that this is going to be a pretty good year.  Another nice area, 10 minutes from Manhattan and some great friends.  Can't ask for much more!  So, I hope you all enjoy following along with my latest adventures.  xx