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Friday, June 12, 2015

Fab Friday Faves 06.12.15

Well hello Friday!  I hope everyone's week was great!  It seemed like a long one for me, not really sure why, but it just has seemed really really long.  Josh worked all weekend again so one week kind of just turns into the next and it's hard to distinguish were it starts and ends.  I've kept pretty busy at least.  I'm very much back into my running which I am loving.  It feels great to get out a few days a week super early when no one is out (I've had to go REALLY early since its been so hot the last few days).  I've been into Manhattan a couple times, once to Chinatown for the last time, and yesterday I did a great Brooklyn tour as you will see in my Five.  I have also been packing, just to get it over with so I'm not so stressed when I get back from Saskatchewan at the end of July.  Josh has been gone for work for a couple days and should be back tomorrow, it seems like forever since we have been apart and I have never spent a night in this apartment without him.  So weird!  The cats are all out of sorts without him too.  Alright, here are My Five!  Enjoy and have a great summer weekend!


1. Wednesday morning I got up with Josh at 4am and said goodbye when he left to go to Massachusetts to oversee a repair for a couple days.  I thought I may as well go for my run, but since I also had been meaning to get up early to take some sunrise pictures i would do that too.  I picked a great morning to go, it was amazing!  This is just one of the pictures, but I might go out a few more mornings to get some more to do a whole post.

2. Like I mentioned, yesterday I did a walking tour in Brooklyn with a great tour company I found online Free Tours By Foot.  They have tours of pretty much everything in NYC and you pay them what you think they deserve.  It was a three hour tour in 92F heat but it was great!  I have been to most of the places we went to before but I learned so much history and got some nice photos.  Stay tuned for a post about my day!

3.  Last night I wandered over to Hoboken, even though I was a sweaty tired mess from my day in Brooklyn, and went to the Sinatra Idol competition.  This is an annual competition hosted by the city that Frank Sinatra was born in.  Actually, it was supposed to take place in Sinatra Park on the Hudson but because of threatening storms they moved it to an auditorium up the street.  I didn't know what to expect but the participants were all really great and I love Frank's music so I was so excited!  These are two of my favorite performances. The fierst is last years winner in the black, Gabriel and the host of the show and Sinatra impersonator Gary Simpson.  The second was contestant Marcqiese Rainey, a event coordinator and street performer from NYC.

4. On Saturday, Josh and I went for a walk over to Hoboken and decided to stop in at Bareburger, a growing chain burger joint that uses all natural, organic meat of all sorts.  I got the (slightly altered) Wiki Wiki (Wild Boar, gouda, duck bacon, chickpea onions, pineapple salsa with sprouts on a sprout bun) with a side of Wasabi Carrot Slaw.  Josh got the Grindhouse (Elk, Manchego cheese, country bacon, piquante relish, green leaf, paprika mayo on Broiche) with a side of sweet fries and onion rings.  So delicious!  I also love that you can totally build your own burger or customize any of the ones that you already have.  ON the way home we stopped at Love and Yogurt, also in Hoboken for some delicious froyo!  FroYo is pretty much my favorite thing ever right now haha

5. I went to Union Square Green Market to pick up some produce and stumbled across this beer from From the Ground Brewery.  The beer is good but I really mostly got it for the bottle :)

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  1. Love this casual look! I host a fashion link up every week and would love you to stop by and add your link :)

  2. I love walking tours! Like you said, even if you've been to most places on the tour, you still can learn something fun. That sunrise picture is so pretty! Hope you are enjoying your weekend with Josh. I'm sure it's great to have him back! Thanks for linking up at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. Yay for the walking tour! Don't you just love exploring?! That burger joint sounds very interesting. I'm not adventurous when it comes to food, but my husband totally is. He would love it, and probably love that brew too!

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!