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Friday, June 5, 2015

Fab Friday Faves 6.5.15

Greetings and happy Friday darlings!  I hope everyone had a great week, and didn't work too hard. I sadly had a headache for most of the weekend  and the start of the week.  Kind of as a stroke of luck I guess you could say, the weather most of those days was less that ideal, but he definitely needed the rain!  Because of these things I didn't do much at all.... I managed to go into Manhattan on Wednesday, but other than that it was a homebody kind of week.  Josh also had to work all weekend which is never fun.  Josh and I finally booked our tickets to Saskatchewan for July which is really exciting!  I can't wait to see everyone!  We already are filling up on plans so if you are reading this, book a spot!  haha  Alright, like I said, it was a slow week, but here are my 5!  Everyone have a great weekend!

1. On Wednesday I went into Manhattan to do a tour of Grand Central Station.  I love the building and had wandered around a few times before but decided I needed to see more and learn about some of the history.  The tour was great, because of how loud it was we all got earpieces and the tour guide, Jordan filled us in on pretty much every aspect of the entire building.  Check out my blog post in the coming weeks to see some really great photos and learn something!  haha

2. Thursday was National Hug your Cat Day... So here I am hugging my cats!  

3. Josh and I went to Park and Sixth for dinner on Saturday and got this stuff... The restaurant actually has two Jersey City locations and "The Beast" Burger was named the 2nd Best Burger in the city in a recent burger contest.  An egg on a ground short rib patty with cheese and bacon?  How can you go wrong?  As good as the burger was, the real winner in my eyes was the side dish, the Brussel sprouts. Mixed with garlic, hot cherry peppers and bacon and parmesan, they are amazing!

4. Friday and Saturday were "Manhattanhenge" and I needed to go check it out!  Basically it happens 4 days a year, where the sun sets exactly down the middle of the grid of streets in Manhattan.  Saturday was supposed to be the better day to view this phenomenon, but just as the sun was setting, a huge cloud bank rolled in for about 20 minutes, just until sunset was pretty much finished.  These are a couple of the pictures I managed to get on 14th street.  Nice, but I wish it would have been better!

5. I had to throw this in here, because I am pretty proud of myself... I walked and ran just short of 200 miles in May.  I set a record of 150 miles in April, and somehow managed to shatter that in May.  For my SK readers, thats like walking from Kyle to Regina.  Or for my US readers, its just shy of walking from Manhattan to Boston.

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  1. I hope that nasty headache does not pester you for too long! I am slightly envious of your trip to Saskatchewan! It’s one of the locations on my metaphorical bucket list!

    1. I grew up in Saskatchewan and it is my favorite place on earth! If you ever decide to take the trip, let me know, I know someone and things to do everywhere!

  2. Lol, the cats don't look like they are fans of hugging. The photos for #4 are really beautiful.

    1. haha, ya they mostly don't like being that close to each other! and thanks!