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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rabbit Hill B&B and Tea House

I first heard about Rabbit Hill B&B and Tea House last summer even though it is not even 30 minutes from the farm and has been open a few years.  I wasn't able to make it out last year for brunch, so when my mom suggested we go out for dessert and coffee I jumped at the chance.  
This summer, the Tea House is only open Thursdays for tea and dessert in the afternoon and from what I have heard they fill up quickly so we were sure to call a few days ahead for reservations.  We planned the trip for when Michelle was out as a way to show her some of the area and not just sit around.  
I actually was not really sure what to expect on the way out.  I had heard many rave reviews but there is really not much to compare it to on the bald prairie middle of nowhere Saskatchewan, but regardless, I had high hopes.  If there was not a huge sign by the road, I would have never known that the normal little farm was anything more than just that, a little farm.  We parked and I was still a bit skeptical but as soon as we walked through the gate and up to the little bridge I realized that this place really is a little Prairie gem.  

We were greated by Carolynn, half of the husband wife duo that own the whole place.  She was so welcoming and sweet right away that I knew she was another reason this place is so popular.  We chatted and she told us some of the history of her and her family and how they ended up in the middle of the prairie.  They met while in college in the US, she is from Saskatchewan and he from Minnesota.  They finished college and travelled the world, even living in Los Angeles for a while.  They decided that they both missed the prairies and decided to move home to Stewart Valley and start a family.  They moved their home from an old homestead a short distance away. It was one of the first houses built in the area in the early 1900s.  Gene then went to work turning it into a house for the family.  She worked as a teacher for the next 30 years in Stewart Valley and he as a Pastor and Marriage Counsellor.  Once the kids were grown they decided to try to turn it into something more.  A dream home.  Gene followed Carolynn's vision, from sketches and pictures she had seen and in 2010 a large part of the area was finished enough to think about starting the Tea House.  After a lot of work in 2011 it opened for the summers.  Gene and Carolynn spent the winters in Winnipeg for many years helping look after their grand babies while their daughter finished Med School.  
This coming winter will be the first winter in a long time that they are staying at Rabbit Hill, and it will be an unpacking and getting settled winter. 
They currently host a couple weddings per summer as well as anniversaries and other events.  Check out this lovely wedding hosted there.  The pictures as nicer than my iPhone ones!

The yard is immaculate with thousands of flowers and cute little trails all over.  The B&B cottage is at the end of this path.  We toured the grounds before heading inside and it is so beautiful!  I can't imagine the work that these two have put into the whole place to make it so gorgeous!

When we stepped inside the Tea House our breathe was again taken away.  Everything was perfect, filled with China and antique furniture, and so many cute little details.  

How can you decide what to get?  It took a while but I got an Italian Soda and The Saskatoon Pie.

Everything was so delicious I can't even describe!  Mom and Michelle got the Turtle Cheesecake and everything was so fresh and home made, made right there in the morning.

As the afternoon was winding up, we noticed that it was getting pretty nasty looking out and starting to sprinkle so we thought we should make haste.  This is what it looked like when we got to the truck!

As we got to the huge valley that we HAD to go through, it started to storm like crazy with pounding rain and some hail.  It was a pretty quiet and very slow drive in 4x4 as we slid down the hill.

We made it home just fine, but my time at Rabbit Hill was just starting.  My Auntie Lorri and I had booked in for a night at B&B for the following week!  Now I was even more excited since I had fallen in love with the place.

Since it is a B&B and the closest restaurant 25 minutes away was closed for Men's Night golf, Auntie Lorri so graciously picked up some Chinese from my favourite Chinese restaurant in the world on her way through Swift Current.  Carolynn was nice enough to let us usher fine China and cutlery in the Tea House to eat our food.  Classiest and most fun Chinese takeout dinner ever!

After Dinner we again chatted with Carolynn and toured the grounds.  I found even more cute little touches this time!

On my way out I had noticed golden field of Winter Wheat almost right across the road so we walked out and got some pictures since I haven't seen a golden field in three years!

After that we decided to just sit and visit.  We sat down on the bench in front of the cottage and were quickly greeted by five Goldendoodles going for a dip in the pond.  We found out later that Gene and Carolynn are Goldendoodle breeders.

We then moved over to the gazebo for some comfier chairs, but quickly had a mama Robin very angry at us for taking up residence in HER house. haha

We again walked out to the road to check out the sunset.  Always beautiful on the Prairies.

This was our home for the night, just the cutest place ever, again so many little details!

We scheduled breakfast for 9:00AM so we had a few minutes to enjoy the ducks that they had just put out on the pond that morning. They were very happy to go for a swim and get the cobwebs off.

We headed back over to the Tea House very hungry and excited for what we might get.  And we were not disappointed!

The best waffle I have ever had, along with the best Saskatchewan Cherry and Saskatoon berry toppings I have ever had and an egg and bacon.

Lorri had green tea in this adorable teapot and cup and I had a London Fog that was amazing. I want the cups and saucers and teapot so bad!

We wrapped up the morning with some photos of us and a couple more of the yard.  It was such a fantastic time, so quiet and relaxing.

On the way back to Saskatchewan Landing where we are camped, since there wasn't torrential downloads this time, I stopped to take some pictures in the valley.  Lovely.  One of my favourite places ever down by the creek.

Rabbit Hill really is a little gem on the prairies, and if you are in the area, be sure to check it out for tea and dessert or a night away with some one special.  you can find all the info on their website.

Rabbit Hill Tea House

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  1. I really enjoyed our visit. It is always wonderful to spend time with you and Rabbit Hill was such a lovely spot.