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Friday, June 6, 2014

Fab Friday Faves 6.6.14

Happy Friday Darlings!  This will be my last Friday Faves from Maine as we are leaving for our new home for a year, Jersey city, NJ, tomorrow!  We will spend the night near Portland, ME with Chad and Chrissy and do the last half of our trip Sunday.  We rented a UHaul and packed it up and are ready to go!  I will have pictures of our apartment and our neighborhood up next week some, so in the mean time, be patient, and wish us luck.  I'm still not sure what New Jersey will be like, but I will have my bestie Nicole a five minute walk away again, so that is the most important thing.  Oh and I will be back home in Saskatchewan, June 29-July 22, so if you are there be sure to book a time with me haha.  And one last thing, I found out yesterday that my other bestie Miranda will be coming to see me in September!  YAY!  Again, have a fantastic weekend and see some of you soon!

1. My first Alex & Ani bracelet and I am addicted.  If you want to get me one, msg me and ask for my wish list ;)

2. This cute little bunny has a home at my father in laws along with about 500 more bunnies.  This was the first one that would stay still long enough for me to get a picture.

3. My future sister in law (in 7 weeks).  The blonde Canadians with the same birthday... oh and matching jean jackets haha

4. Dinner on the way to the Celtic Woman concert in Bangor at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse.  One of my favorite kinds of restaurants and this one did not disappoint!  Ribeye and scallops for this gal. 

5. After a year without gel nails (for various Peruvian reasons) I finally got them redone by the lovely Ally at The Total Look, in Presque Isle.  So exciting!  

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  1. I love my Alex and Ani bracelet too! And I really love that bunny picture!

    Found you from Diary of a Real Housewife! Have a great weekend!