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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Trip to Carlos' Bakeshop

After a lovely dinner in Hoboken on Friday night at O'Nieals, we were walking home and just happened to have to walk right by Carlos' Bakeshop, the bakery of of TV's Cake Boss.  I had always kicked myself for never making it there when we lived in Long Island City, but now we are about a 15 minute walk from it.  Honestly, this could be trouble!  We had walked by before a couple times, but there was always a 30 person line out in front, so when there was no line out the door and only about ten people inside, we jumped at the chance.  

Obviously, everything inside looked fantastic, but that doesn't always mean it tastes good.  That was not the case here.  Everything that we tried was incredible.  here are a few pictures from inside the bakery.  Unfortunately, no one was working that I recognized from the show.  So, that means more visits until I can get a picture with Buddy or one of the sisters!

We ended up getting two white chocolate covered strawberries, 2 canolis (the best we have ever had by far) and a strawberry eclair.  Seriously, the best of all 3 things that we have ever had.  Come visit and we will go have some treats of our own :)


  1. If I ever go there, I'm going for the Italian pastries. They always look amazing.

  2. i love that place :) Been there a few times now. Next time I'm gonna try to bring a cake home with me to Norway. I see there was a lot of people when you were there. Ive been there in the morning midweek, no people at all. just a tips for those of you who want to go there. The cakes are so worth a visit :)