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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fab Friday Faves 10.2.15

Well Hello Friday and welcome October and real Fall weather! It has been a decently busy week, which is good, because we don't have very many left here... for sure now.  The weekend was packed with festivals and a lot of food.  Hopefully this weekend will be great too, but with a hurricane potentially coming to town and a few days of rain, I don't have the highest of hopes.  Everyone, especially on the East Coast, be safe and try to enjoy the weekend if you can!

 1. Wednesday night Josh and I went into the Saturday Night Live Exhibition in Manhattan.  I have been wanting to go in since it opened and being huge SNL fans, we were really pumped.  The exhibit had some really cool sets, costumes and props as well as a mini SNL episode hosted by Tina Fey at the end.  We really enjoyed ourselves and also went for a great dinner at "Rare" after.

2. On Friday I took myself into the 1st Annual New York City Coffee Festival.  There were about 70 coffee and tea vendors from all over the city and beyond.  With 70 vendors, I obviously couldn't try them all but I did try a lot (and had the hugest coffee buzz EVER!).  They also had a small bar with samples of Robert DeNiro's vodka brand mixed with his wife's coffee brand.  DeNiro was actually there but I never saw him.  Leo Dicaprio was there on Sunday as well supporting Project Waterfall, the charity that part of the proceeds from the event went to.  This is an amazing event, but would have been better with a friend to take a break from the coffee and visit with!

3. As most of you probably know the super moon eclipse was on Sunday.  We were able to see it out the apartment window but we went down to the water for a better view along with about 3000 of our neighbors.  the last sliver of the moon was just disappearing when the clouds rolled in, sadly.  Still a pretty cool thing to witness.

4. Saturday was a packed day for Josh and I.  We started out with a long bike ride in the morning on the Citibikes that are now in JC, then we went to the Jersey City Irish Festival for some drinks,  a Philly Cheesesteak and some great Irish music and dancing.  After a short rest at home we went over to Hamilton Park (my favorite place in Jersey City) for the Hamilton Park BBQ Festival.  Several BBQ vendors were there with some of the best BBQ ever.  There were also some great Bluegrass style bands for our enjoyment.  So much fun!

5. Finally we decided to try Two Boots Pizza (I should say I decided to try... Josh had while i was away once) and we were so impressed!  the crust is perfect and the toppings were so good!  I might have a new favorite pizza place.   A place any visitor to NYC should try, especially the Sex and the City fans out there!

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  1. I'm still so mad I missed the coffee festival!!! I also cant believe they have bikes in Jersey City now, I wish they would have had that when we lived there, how fun! Jason always wants to ride bikes and the boardwalk is the perfect place! Where are they located? Also why try that pizza place if you are a SATC fan?

    1. There are 36 Citibike racks all over Jersey City. We have 2 by our place, and there are a couple near Exchange Place. I can't believe you don't remember Two Boots from the SATC tour! Carrie and Miranda get pizza there after they have their crappy dinner at Raw where Samantha meets Smith!

  2. That pizza looks yummy!!! What a fun-filled week. The coffee festival sounds awesome, but I can imagine you were a little wired with that much coffee.haha

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!