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Friday, April 14, 2017

Fab Friday Faves 04.14.17

Happy Easter!  It's Good Friday, and even though it isn't really celebrated in the US, it still feels like Easter to me.  I am spending the Easter weekend alone this year, which makes me sad, but it is what is, I'll make the best of it.  Josh went to Maine for Grammy's funeral, Dave and Lindsey are moving tomorrow and Nicole and Jason are going home for the weekend.  But, I do get to go home to Florida for a week on Monday! So that is exciting.  It hasn't been that long but it feels like forever because I have spent so much time their lately.  I have spent the week packing in as much time with Lindsey and the kids as possible as well as preparing for Nicole's baby shower and getting ready to move.  Josh and I had a great weekend, at the Laurel Racetrack for a wine festival and some horse racing, then to a BBQ we were invited to and Sunday we went out to Fort Washington to explore there.  Everyone have a safe and happy Easter weekend, I'm headed out for tea with Nicole before they leave.  See you next week from Florida!

1. Like I mentioned, on Saturday, Josh and I went to Decanter Wine and Racing Festival in Laurel, MD.  There were over 20 wineries, so we tried some great wine and we watched and bet on some horse races.  It was a great afternoon and an excuse to finally get dressed up!

 2. I spent a lot of time with Lindsey and the kids before they move, playing at some parks and looking for shells and fossils at the beach.  I will miss them all!

3.  I got a few new cute spring shirts, here are my favorites.  The first two are from Francescas (I'm obsessed with lemon print right now) and the bottom one is from the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl's and has a really cute open, flowing back.

4. I was out for a walk in the park behind the apartment the other day and saw this Eastern Snapping Turtle near the road.  I have encountered these turtles before, and they are really cool but also really mean.  I tried to herd her toward the swamp but she was having none of it.  I saw a man rescue a massive one off the road, also near here the other day.  He was prepared with a large crate to get it into to take it back to the pond.  Apparently they are coming out of hibernation and looking for mates and nice spots to make nests right now.

5.  Smudge decided it was time to put her Easter bib on yesterday.  How cute is she?

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