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Friday, April 7, 2017

Fab Friday Faves 4.7.17

Happy Friday everyone!  The week has flown by, and, as usual I'm not sure why.  We had a busy weekend with a going away party at Dave and Lindsey's (yes, they are leaving me!) and then some sightseeing on Sunday.  The week has also been busy and a bit stressful with just a lot on our plate.  We found out we have to change apartments so I have been dealing with that (worst customer service from the St. Charles Apartments EVER).  I'm planning a baby shower, and also planning a trip back to the house before we have to move at the end of April.  We found out Wednesday that Josh's Grammy back home in Maine passed away as well.  Thoughts and prayers to all of her family.  Today we are helping another friend that Josh has been on the road with his entire career, Goodwin, move.  He's going back to Maine to be with his family and will be greatly missed!  On Saturday we have the Maryland Decanter Wine and Racing Festival.  A horse race/ wine tasting that we are getting all dressed up for and I am really excited for!  Alright, have a great weekend folks, and the see you on Good Friday!  Yay Easter!

1. I ordered these Meowmie and Me matching bow tie and hair tie from Black Cat Stitches, one of my favorite Instagram shops for pet accessories.  How cute are we?

2. On Saturday there was an event called Lattes With Lambs at National Colonial Farm.  It literally was lattes with lambs, and cows, and chickens and turkeys etc.  We went with Lindsey and Dave and the kids and made butter, watched a lamb get knighted and ate some donuts.  Super fun family event! 

3.  On sunday there was a car show behind my favorite coffee shop, Cool Beanz.  Cool Beanz happened to be having a VIP 20% off day so we had to go check out the car show and get cheap coffee.  We were really impressed with the car show, we had no idea there were so many cool vehicles in Southern Maryland.

4.  My parents sent Josh and I these flowers yesterday after Josh's Grammy passed away.  Although they are for a sad reason, they are beautiful and springy.

5. We had thunderstorms all day yesterday, and near sunset we had a couple beautiful rainbows pop up to signal the end of the storms.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm going to have to look up that Instagram shop. Love the kitty bowtie!

  2. I don't even have a cat and I'm obsessed with the bowtie. Omg. Too good.

  3. Lattes with Lambs?! What a cute idea! Almost as cute as those matching bows!

  4. Those flowers are very pretty. My family enjoys going to car shows and seeing all the cool cars. I love the cat and hair tie. I totally want to accessorize with my cat!