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Friday, January 10, 2014

Fab Friday Faves 01.10.14

Happy Friday darlings!  It has been an awfully slow week, and I can't even tell you anything that I did! Sad right?  josh working nights has made my days even less productive.  Normally I would get up, run or go to yoga, come home, be lazy and clean in the mornings, then go out walking, shopping, coffeeing, or do a tour in the afternoon then come home and cook dinner.  Josh would get home at 7, we would eat, watch TV and go to bed between 9 and 10.  Now, I get up at 9, do some cleaning and go to the store, Josh gets up at 1, we hang out for a couple hours, he goes to work at 4:30, then I seem to just do nothing.  I am not very comfortable going out after dark here (it is dark around 6:30), so I just sit around and do nothing and go to sleep at midnight or 1. Terrible I know!  hopefully I will get in the groove soon and stop being a lazy bum.  The oppressive heat isn't helping either.  Honestly I sweat more than any person I know.  Way more than Josh, or any 400lb man walking down the street. No idea why, but it is so embarrassing!  I have to carry tissues with me to blot every time I go in a store. I have stopped wearing makeup because I wipe it off within 10 minutes of being outside!  I am even constantly sweating in our unair conditioned apartment.  So I think it makes me tired and lazy and I am too self conscious about looking like I went for a swim to go to very many places!

On the upside, I did get to talk to two of my most special girls this week!  The lovely Nicole from Adventures of a Wild Sunflower, whom I speak to daily, and missed terribly while she was busy over Christmas. And my darling Mariya from My.Craft.Affair who was my best buddy in Peru until she went back home to Washington at the end of October and left me to suffer (just kidding, I am just jealous!).   I miss you both terribly!  

Since my week was a tad slow, I don't have anything terribly exciting to my Friday 5, but I hope you enjoy!  I will be doing a day long tour to Caral, the ruins of the oldest known civilization in the Americas on Thursday of this week, so stay tuned for that and probably a recipe as well.  

1. So remember the amazing Powdered Butter Cookies I made a couple weeks ago?  Well, I decided to try them using a carrot cake mix instead of yellow cake mix and wow!  Not saying they are better with the carrot cake but they are equally delicious and have a totally different flavor.  Give them a try!

2. I had been waiting for some Christmas cards from friends and family for a month and was very disappointed that they weren't here for Christmas, but the other day I got this!  10 of them in the mail on the same day.  Not impressed with the Peruvian postal system at all but at least I got them!  And it was like Christmas opening them all up. Unfortunately, I know there are still 4 or 5 I am waiting on.  Hope they make it!

3. On Saturday, my friend Sandra, who works just a block away from me surprised me with a visit and this gorgeous Peruvian embroidered purse!  She has a matching cream colored one and I had mentioned to her that I adore it.  Too sweet right?  

4. I have been jonesin' for an english magazine for so long as I read my stockpile that I brought back with me weeks ago, so on one of my journeys to find some birthday cards (not really a thing in Peru) I wandered into a used book store just down the street only to find some english Vogue and Glamour.  Sadly, they were a few months old, and about 15 US dollars!  So I settled for the current, Spanish Vogue.  It was totally worth it!  I still got the gist of the fashion and actually find myself able to read a lot of it!  It also came with a great guide to restaurants, shopping and hotels all over South America.

5. QuizUp is my new addiction.  I read about it on I Wore Yoga Pants to Work.  Whitney mentioned it was her new addiction and she had become a bum from playing it so much.  I decided to get the app, and now I have followed in her footsteps.  It is a trivia app, which is my thing.  My brain only stores useless facts that I will ever only need again for trivia.  There are something like 320 categories so there is something for everyone.  I have been excelling at Geology, Friends, Sex and the City, Name That Animal and various 80s, 90's and 2000s music, movie and TV trivia.  I got my achievement for 500 games yesterday.  Something to be proud of right?  I have also gotten my mom and my hubby addicted so that makes me feel better!

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  1. If you like useless trivia apps, you should download sporcle. We like to go out to dinner Friday nights and play it until the restaurant kicks us out of our table :)

    <3 Vicki

  2. Sounds like your schedule has been turned around a bit. I hate feeling hot too. Have you tried leaving the cleaning for later, when you're alone, and still getting your run or work out in for early in the day? That could help you, start feeling a little more productive.

    Best of Luck,

  3. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog! Even if you can't understand the Spanish Vogue, maybe it'll help you start to understand the language more and more by reading their magazines (a -fun- way to learn I foreign language, I think!). i'm going to be looking for that app right now.

    Brass in Pocket Blog