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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update Time

Hello folks!  Just a very quick update on our little Jinxy and a couple things other than him.  I had been meaning to blog the day he went missing, but turns out I was busy panicking.

Jules, Sandy and myself went to an amazing restaurant, Maido, on Friday, only two blocks from our apartment for dinner.  Amazing.  I love sushi, and I have found it to be the best I have ever had in Lima.

Jules, Sandra and myself went to an Internations event. Internations is a worldwide expat organization with a large branch in Lima.  Basically, it is a way for expats to meet other expats, as well as Peruvians, who for the most part (or in my opinion should) speak english.  A lot of them have worked abroad or work for organizations that cater to expats.  This event was at a bar downtown, very far from home, but a nice place.  We met some new people and visited with some old ones as well.

After we got Jinx back, Josh knew I needed some cheering up, so he took me for more Sushi!  To my favorite sushi place, Edo.  Once again delicious and I could go back again tomorrow!

Since we found out about Jinx's broken hip, I have pretty much just been babying him... He is milking it for all it is worth too.  He will only eat and drink if I hold the bowl for him and he wants me to be petting him and cuddling him at all times.  It is working.  He is much better today, and he pooped this morning, so now everything seems to be fine internally.  He still can't walk more than a couple steps, and just sleeps most of the time, but that is what is best for him.  I can't wait to have my crazy Jinx back.  Smudge still has an issue with him, as he still smells like other animals and the vet.  She will only get about two feet away at the closest and then she hisses at him.  hopefully that stops soon, because he needs some grooming and some sister cuddles!

The bruise on the back of his leg where he hit.  I think they shaved it for the X-ray.

smudge observing from her buffer zone.

Tomorrow bright and early, I am going to Caral, the oldest city ever found in North and South America.  Pretty fascinating.  It is also in one of the driest hottest deserts in the world in the middle of summer, so I am expecting to be very hot!  Don't worry, I have a hat and lots of sunscreen packed!

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