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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Learning the Secrets of Ceviche and the Pisco Sour

Another of my favorite Peruvian dishes (actually was recently added to the list) is Ceviche.  This is a fairly common dish around south America, but everyone says, that Peru's is the best.  So when I got an invite from my new friend Ericka, of Delectable Peru Tours, to make Ceviche I was all in.  This also included a quick Pisco Sour class too, which made it even better.  
Our class was right around the corner from our apartment at El Verídico de Fidel, and oddly, I had never walked by it.  I always walk the other way down the street it is on, so sadly I had never had the pleasure of trying it.  It was another hidden gem!  Not only did I have a fantastic time having lunch and a drink with some new people, but the ceviche was the best I have had.  
I have included some photos of the class as well, as some links to recipes for Ceviche and Pisco sours, and if I get the exact recipe we used, I will add it.  I am sure that making it at home would never be the same, as the ingredients are just never quite right, but I will be sure to give it a try!

infused Piscos

Ramono, trying her hand at pisco making.

The Ceviche ingredients.

The spice ingredients

Our beautifully plated dish.

I got to make my own!

So proud! and excited to eat it!

The group enjoying our creations

Ericka and I.

Myself, Ericka and Ramona.

Love the sinks in the bathroom.. like traditional Peruvian clay cooking pots.


  1. A great group of people and great fun had all round

    1. Yes it was! We must do this again Azaad! Great to meet you.