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Friday, March 14, 2014

Fab Friday Faves 3.14.14.

Happy Friday my darlings!  I've had a busy week, and like usual, I'm not sure doing what.  Sunday, I went to my Montreal friend Vanessa's for a Canada party (see below) and then Jules and I went to Madam Tusan for dinner, and then back to the Canada party.   I had acupuncture on Tuesday... while I was walking there I ran into a 3 foot concrete post and hurt my knee.  Totally not my fault haha.  Yesterday, I headed out to a community on the very outskirts of Lima called Cieneguilla.  This is where my friend Ericka lives with her two children and her mom and grandparents.  It is a beautiful area, and they run a hostel in a yard with many different fruit trees and birds and animals.  It is located along the banks of one of the many rivers that run to Lima and nestled in the beginning of the Andes mountains.  It took forever to get there by cab, but was so worth it.  Nilma and her son Josh were also there for a short while and we ate one of my favorite dishes, made by Ericka's mom, Aji de Gallina which was amazing and had a delish birthday cake made by Nilma.  We walked down to the river and swam in the pool.  Too much fun.  Ericka, the kids and I came back to Miraflores after and enjoyed an amazing meal at IK Restaurante.  We then had a sleepover so that they didn't have to do the 1.5 hour cab ride at midnight.  I will have a whole blog about my day at Ericka's coming this week.

Sunday is a big day for us, we are going with a few friends to watch the 2 top Peruvian football (soccer) teams take each other on at the National Stadium.  Then on Thursday we are going back there to see Metallica!  It has been years since I have seen them so I am pretty pumped.  We will see how I do in a crazy Peruvian Stadium with 60000 people!

So here are my Favorite things of the week!  Check back again next week!


1.  So as I was getting a tour of Ericka's families home, and all the fruit trees, I noticed something looking at me from an avocado tree... A huge crocodile.  Obviously I had a minor freak out, and her 96 year old grandfather thought it was the funniest thing ever.  He had brought the crocodile back with him from the jungle in the 40's when he was in the army.  Pretty amazing, but my heart was racing for an hour!

2.  When Colleen and I were in Chinatown on Tuesday, we saw a guy set up on the side of the street (nothing new about that) with these amazing wire sculptures.  They are crafted from one long piece of wire and he has some amazing different designs.  Check out his Facebook page Martes Moon.  Oh and this cost me about 9 dollars.

3.  So obviously I had to get this notebook.  I found it in the discount back to school section of Wong.  School started last week so I was hunting for a bargain and how could I not get a sparkly, princess notebook?

4.  There are my new sunglasses I got on my birthday at Polvos Azules.  The white are "Ray Bans" and the pink and clear are "Carreras" (note the quotations marks, because these were bought at the black market)

5.  On Sunday, I enjoyed a Canada party with 2 other Canadians, and American and a German.  We made poutine and mad maple Syrup and Whiskey.  Sooooo good !

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  1. I love that, keep calm and be a princess, so cute!
    Thanks for linking up with me today!

  2. The crocodile is the funniest thing! I would be so scared. Have a beautiful weekend.