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Sunday, March 30, 2014

A busy couple weeks!

It seems like I have not had time to do anything lately!  With Birthdays, going aways, dinners and the arrival of someone very special I have not had any downtime!  So this is just s quick update of my goings on, and remember this is only like the last 2 weeks!  

Myself, Jules, Ramona and Christine wanted to go for a nice dinner a couple weeks ago, and Jules, knowing the best restaurants picked La Décima in San Isidro.  Delicious and we had the whole place to ourselves.  On the urging of me, Ramona decided to try Absinthe for the first time.  She wasn't a fan so guess who got to drink it?  Good thing I love it.  Here are our dishes.  Sooo good and this is one of the only places I have seen real souvlaki in Lima.  

The girls... Ramona, Jules, Chris and myself.

After dinner we weren't ready to go home, so we went down the street to Sukha Buda Lounge.  Such a cool place.   If you go, try the Strawberry Sake Mojito.

On the 19th, Myself, Josh, Jules and Matt decided to go see Metallica.  I had seen them before by this was quite the experience!  The stadium is huge and open air.  It is also where we had watched the soccer match a few days before.  It was fantastic!  Love Metallica and always an amazing show.

This pigeon had obviously just finished his chicken and was on the way out of Popeyes Chicken.  Funny how no one here really bats an eye.  I think it is hilarious.

On the Friday before Jules left, we decided to have a "See you Later" party.  We started out at our place with a couple of the girls.  

We then headed back to Sukha (we really liked it there!) for a Japanese fusion dinner with a few other people.  Terri, Jules, Ramona, Sandy, Matt, me and Humberto.

After dinner we met up with a few more people.  Carla, Uchi and Pepe.  We went to check out Gotica in Larcomar but it had been a packed week and it was an early night.  We had a great time, but were sad to say goodbye to Julie!

Josh and I decided to go to Jockey Plaza for me to get an Alianza Lima hat from the Nike store.  We found this.  Its a hat kind of contraption that stimulates hair growth.

Jules and I made sure we spent as much of her last couple days together as we could.  We had lunch while she took a break from packing and did a little last minute shopping as well.

Her last night dinner at Larcomar.  

Jules had given me several bottles of booze that she had left, I put them on a shelf in our kitchen and the next morning I woke up to a huge crash!  Needless to say, I ended up cleaning that entire day and had to deal with 10 smashed bottles of very sticky alcohol.  I laughed, cried and swore.  A lot.

I headed back over to Jules one more time on her last morning.  I said bye bye to my boyfriend Tonka and to one of my best friends here.  I eon't post the picture of the two of us.  We don't need people seeing us big, crying messes.

The rest of the week was fairly quiet, preparing for Nicole to come and doing some things I hadn't had time to do for a couple weeks.  I went to get my hair done....

It turned out a lot darker than I wanted but I really like it!  

Ramona and I decided to go to the inter nations Luau that night for a couple hours.  Always a good time, but I couldn't stay long because I had some precious cargo to pick up from the airport!

YAY!!!!  My darling love Nicole arrived and I met her at the airport.  With champagne of course.  I missed this girl so much!  Where ever we are we are always inseparable.    Jason is here for 3 weeks for work and what better opportunity to see each other.  Stayed tuned for our first few days of adventures soon.  Everyone enjoy your Sunday :)

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