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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Return to the Nature Reserve.

After our lovely trip to the Pantanos de Villa Nature Reserve in January, I couldn't stop thinking about how gorgeous it was.  Luckily, our volunteer guide, the beautiful, German, Daniella invited us back to take us on a boat ride around the tributaries that circle the Reserve.  I again invited along fellow Canadians Colleen, Heather, and Heather's little girl.  The weather leaving Miraflores was a bit overcast, and as usual, I didn't take proper precautions in regards to the sun.  I did slather on SPF 50, but didn't take it with me... mistake!  We arrived and found our little whaler and headed out for some relaxing nature.  Daniella is quite a pro, as rowing is one of her main jobs as a volunteer.  Makes me wish I had known about the place sooner!  Our boat ride lasted about an hour and half and we saw some beautiful birds, and of course, lots of vultures, which, even though they freak me out, are cool to watch.  

girls being silly 

vultures flying lazy circles


a nest in the reeds

baby ducks hiding in the reeds

mama and baby

more babies


When we were done our boat ride, we decided to take a bit of a walk to a part of the reserve that we had never went to before.  Even thought it was thick with huge spiders, we all made it to the lookout point which had a great view of the surrounding district, Chorillos.


Once again, another lovely trip, minus the NASTY sunburn I ended up with.  A big thanks to Daniella for asking us to come for another visit.  

For more information on the Reserve click here Los Pantanos de Villa.

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