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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Birthday Celebration(s)

So, I am well aware that my birthday was 21 days ago, but I was looking to get some more photos, which I have failed at.  So here it is.

We started out the days of celebration, the day before my birthday, with a lovely dinner at Maido, my favorite Japanese restaurant with some fantastic friends.

Eimear, Julian, Chris, Tiffany, Amanda, Andrew, Jules, Chris, me, Sandy.  The majority of the birthday crew.

2 of my favorite foods, tempura and sashimi

Stairway photos, still missing some people  but got most of them!

Following dinner (it was like the longest dinner ever I think), we went to Barranco, the bohemian district next to Miraflores to a Mardi Gras style party, as it was Fat Tuesday.  We got beads and had a jazz band.  It was over pretty early, but it was fun, and I got sung happy birthday at midnight!  There were more of my friends here too so it was even more fun.  Apparently I only have 2 pictures from the entire night?  Help me out here folks!

Jules, my Canadian friend Tom, my wanna be Canadian friend from New Jersey, Christian and Sandy.

Chris with my feather boa as a wig.

On my actual birthday, we woke up with a sick cat.  Jinx was grumpy and didn't want to be touched.  We had plans to go out, so we waited, but right before we left it was obvious he needed medical attention.  So we rushed him to his amazing vet, Animal Place and found out that he had an infection, likely from playing with wasps that I had seen him bothering the day before.  So we got him on some meds, and left him for the afternoon.

Still very worried, and thinking, "of course this would happen on my birthday" we caught a cab to Camacho to Nilma and Dom's for my birthday party.  Nilma was sweet enough to offer up her pool and home to me for the afternoon.  And although most of my friends work, there were a great bunch that were able to make it.  We enjoyed the pool and some great food and drinks.  I also got one of Nilma's to die for espresso chocolate cakes.

29 years old and I still get embarrassed when people sing me happy birthday.  Weird. 

Pool soccer/volleyball.  I only hit the kids in the face a few times.


Man I look tired!

After the pool party, we went to pick up my baby Jinxy, who was feeling much better after a few hours of antibiotics.  Josh and I decided we were hungry and that we would try El Hornero in San Isidro.  Best decision ever.  Top 10 steaks I have had in the world for sure.  

It was a fantastic day, well two days, and thanks to all that came out, and brought me gifts and made it so amazing!  I also am including the following photo because Jules got me this super cute Panama hat the day after my birthday, for my birthday.  Also, this was one of our last shopping trips :(  Miss you beautiful!  (She left to go home to Dubai yesterday forever)

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