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Friday, April 18, 2014

Fab Friday Faves 4.18.14

Good morning and Happy Easter to everyone reading all over the world.  Easter is huge in Peru because of the huge Catholic population, in the true meaning of Easter.  There is a four day weekend starting yesterday, and today, like Canada, everything is closed.  There is a major lack of Easter treats though, and egg coloring kits of non existent.  The way that I like Mini eggs and Creme eggs, it is probably a good thing!  Nicole and I have been having a pretty chill week, wandering here and there and eating a lot of food.  She leaves tomorrow night, and I am more than sad, but at least this time, we will be seeing each other very soon!  We are also entering the end of our time in Peru, so I have a lot to do in the next few days. Not only packing, but also getting in a ton of last minute site seeing.

In any case, here are my Friday Faves.  I will be back soon (now that Nicole will be gone I will have a little extra time to actually blog) with more of our adventures.

Enjoy and please take the time to celebrate Easter for it's true meaning, with your friends and family and some delicious food!

1.  This hat is the most amazing thing I have ever worn.  It feels like having my head in the clouds,        for real.  It is made of baby alpaca fur and sold in some of the tourist markets here in Peru.  Pretty sure I need to get one for when I head north again and have to deal with the harsh winters.

2. My New Michael Kors purse.  Pretty gorgeous right?  Only paid like 80 dollars for it ;)

3. Passion fruit Creme Brûlée with coconut cream.  OMG probably the most amazing dessert in life.  If you are in Lima and visiting the restaurant at the Huaca Pucllana ruins, be sure to give it a try.

4. My fish treatment from Brian Douglas Skin Spa in Miraflores.  Another amazing place to visit if you need some pampering after all that walking around the city.  The fish are called healer fish and are imported from Turkey.  They eat all of the dead skin off of the feet and leave them nice and smooth.  It didn't tickle or hurt, but was almost like a vibration on the feet.  I also got a fantastic mani/pedi and facial while I was there.

5. Peru's version of Easter egg coloring kits.  Since eggs here don't need to be refrigerated (check out why here), the kits come with eggs, some paints and a paintbrush.  Different but fun.  I really do miss coloring my eggs though, but since I use organic brown eggs from the farmers market here, there isn't much point anyway.

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  1. that hat is too fun! would be a great winter accessory & small reminder of your trip!

    have a great weekend! - elyssa