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Friday, April 25, 2014

Nicole and Tanya in Lima Pt. 2

When we last left off Nicole and I were half way through our time together in Peru.  She is now back in North Carolina but I have finally decided to stop being lazy and do another blog about her final days here.  So enjoy, as we did!  

I finally decided that Nicole had seen enough of the "modern Lima" and needed a small taste of the "real Lima" so we took a bus trip down to Centro Lima to see some historical parts of the city.  We passed several interesting sites, the presidential Palace, Plaza San Martin, and several cathedrals.  We  stopped  at the Church of San Francisco as well to check out the beautiful architecture and the catacombs.  As pictures are not permitted, take a look here for some contraband pictures from a previous trip of mine.  


On one of our many walks on the malecon, we caught an insane amount of paragliders out.  One of my favorite sights!

I also had to show Nicole one of my favorite experiences in all of Peru... the Churros!  Seriously totally amazing here... and picky Nicole agreed!

For my birthday, my friend Chris gave me a certificate to a fantastic spa owned by her friend Brian at The Brian Douglas Skin Spa.  The gift certificate was for a fish foot treatment which was so cool!  I also got a facial and a pedicure.  

Part of the reason I got all these things done, was that later in the evening I was playing gallery curator for the Emerging artists Lima gallery.  It is a fantastic program organized by my dear friend Amanda from NYC.  It takes art work from artists that are just starting out and showcases them in a setting where they can be seen by a large audience.  It was so much fun and a great cause!

The other volunteers and myself.

After we were done working, we went over to the Burrito Bar for the best Quesadillas EVAH.

More beautiful ocean pics... Love this place.

 Sadly, our friend Dave left while the Marston's were here.  Don't worry too much though, we will see him in a month in New jersey.  At his going away dinner, we had this delicious dessert....  It just looks amazing doesn't it?

Nicole and I spent the afternoon over in San Isidro one Saturday at the Door to the World, a great event filled with vendors with food, drink and artwork from all over the world.  Reminded me a bit of Folkfest in Saskatoon. 

 Nicole and I decided that it had been much too long since our last bowling adventure in Alaska, so we invited Claire to come to Larcomar with us for a morning of bowling.  We were all battered and bruised by the end (seriously) but we had a great time.

Some artwork that we stumbled upon... I actually have one of these fat people pieces in my apartment.

Josh and I went to the Huaca Pucllana ruins one evening for dinner.  The restaurant overlooks the lit up ruins and is gorgeous, with terrific food.  This is the Cuy (guinea pig) appetizer, followed by my sea bass, and the to DIE FOR Passion Fruit Creme Brûlée.

 On Josh's day off we took Nicole over to Barranco for Burrito Bar and a walk... so much cool street art over there.

Nicole and I did one more shopping day... we found these bags that we need as well as I found another hat...

 While she was here, Nicole also got her haircut by my fabulous stylist Heiner at the Daniel Guidi Salon in San Isidro.  We were both very nervous but it turned out great and she loved it!

Oh, and me in one more hat!

Our time in Peru is coming to a close, so the next few weeks may be too packed with last minute things to blog much, but I will be back soon with all "new" blogs from our next adventure!

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