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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nicole and Tanya in Lima pt. 1

I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends, and my usual travel partner, Nicole, come to Lima almost two weeks ago now.  (Check out her blog Adventures of a Wild Sunflower).  I can't believe how quickly the time has gone!  The following pictures are mostly from our wanders and adventures together over the last couple weeks.  It has been such a great time, and so nice to have her here to spend time like the good old days (in NYC and Alaska).  

I picked her up from the airport, with some champagne, it is nearly an hour ride home so we easily finished it and got in a great little visit.  

our first day together consisted of lunch and a drink at the mall on the cliffs, Larcomar and a little tour around Miraflores.

Obviously these aren't of Nicole and I, but how cute are my babies playing in the tub?

On Nicole's first Saturday, we headed down to the Bioferia at Parque Reducto.  After, we sat in the park and enjoyed some of the sights like a some children doing art projects.  It is a great park for people watching too.

There is a guy up in this olive tree....

We also went over to Barranco, for lunch and to wander around the hip Bohemian district.  We went to Twist Gourmet Burgers for lunch and for a cupcake fundraiser for Help Them Hope Peru.  Honestly this is my new favorite burger joint in Lima!

We saw these little army cadets walking down the street as we were leaving.

Is this not the most gorgeous sunset ever?  I never get sick of this view.

Jinx decided to move from the tub to the sink.

Again, at Larcomar enjoying the sunny day and gorgeous view.

The Flintstones car... no idea.

Of course while she was here, we had to go to Jockey Plaza, the largest mall in Peru.  You can find tons of regular US stores along with South American and European chains.   Our first stop was at TGIFriday's for a drink and appy.  We ordered the ultimate Bloody Mary, only to discover that it contained about 3 shots of tequila in each drink.  We needed a nap after finishing those.  

A couple hours later, Nilma decided to join us with Josha for a drink at the Hard Rock.  Nicole discovered this princess chair that she wanted to take home.  The guys also joined us after for dinner and drinks at the Hard Rock as well.

Nicole, Nilma and Joshy.

I came across this sweet vest in Ripley...

Nicoles first walk to the Parque Del Amor.  There was a huge bus full of kids from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Georgia that were here for Spring Break, so we didn't stick around for long because they were noisy and it was hard to take pictures.

I am pretty sure I caught this couple's engagement.  If anyone knows them, please tell them I have a photo of their big moment!

One afternoon we walked to Huaca Pucllana, the ruins in Miraflores.  Caught a policia having a a siesta.  

Us at the ruins.

Plumeria, my next tattoo I am getting to go with my Peruvian lily.  

We walked back from the ruins through San Isidro, another of my favorite places.  There are some gorgeous houses and buildings.

The next day we went back to Barranco to help set up for the art show that I am involved in with Emerging Artists Lima.  We also had lunch at the Burrito Bar, which has the best Burritos ever.  Nicole said it was the best thing she had ever eaten, which is saying a lot because she doesn't like food!  We continued with another beautiful walk through the streets of Barranco.

We walked back along the water, the area has developed so much since even the last time I walked down there.  I love it.

Our last stop before we headed back up was Rosa Nautica, the restaurant on the pier below our place.  

We will hopefully have a few more adventures before she leaves next week. Today we have a spa day for me to prepare for the big gallery opening tonight, so I better get going to meet her for some churros and a coffee!

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