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Thursday, May 15, 2014


As most of you know, after Peru, Josh and I headed to Florida for a few days.  We flew into Ft. Lauderdale, with the cats, and had no trouble at customs with me, or the cats (thank goodness, we were a bit worried!) and found a hotel right on the beach to spend our time.  We had other reasons to be in Florida, but mostly it was to enjoy the beach and have some R&R.  We have never spent time in this area of Florida, but we loved it!  The beach and ocean were gorgeous, the hotel was amazing and just the general area has everything that we look for.  Most of our time was spend on the beach, in the ocean and eating and drinking.  The perfect week.  As usual I have some (or a lot) of pictures (mostly food) to sum up our week.   We also went out to the Everglades for an afternoon, which was too much fun, but those pictures are not included as I thought I would do a whole blog about that.   We are currently in Maine, and bought ourselves a nice new truck today!  It sounds like we will be headed to New Jersey for the next SNC job in a couple weeks so we are going to take advantage of being home.   We also are having a weight loss competition with each other, so stay tuned on how bad I kick Josh's ass.   Enjoy the photos and I'll be back soon once I have have some  more time.

We happened to get in on Cinco De Mayo and found a great bar called Rocco's Tacos to celebrate.  They had giveaways and LOTS of booze and great food.

We were next to the ocean, but the other side of the hotel had this gorgeous view of the harbor where lots of sailboats and HUGE yachts are docked.

Our beach

 This picky bird doesn't like chick peas.

 Oysters are one of my favorite foods and these were my first ones in months.  SOOO delicious.

 Frolicking in the ocean playing with the go pro.

Cheescake and Paella.  Another two of my favorites!

The women at the beach store making my "Suns out Guns Out" tank top.

 Everytie I saw these signs all I could think of was "A1A, DETROIT AVENUE"

We drove few miles down to Del Ray Beach and took a break out on the pier.

 Josh's Cowboy Ribeye.

 Hugest meatball sandwich EVER.

 Primanti's brother pizza.  If you are anywhere with one of these restaurants, GO.  The best pizza and insane sandwiches.  We went back twice.

This beer is infused with peppers.  It is actually crazy good.

We moved hotels for our last couple days, down the beach a couple miles to the North Beach Village to a place called the TropiRock.  A great small resort out the hustle and bustle that was so nice and quiet and had great rates and nice clean rooms.

 For breakfast after we over hotels we went to this cute little bistro behind us that is open air and the kitchen is a food truck.  It was great and fabulous!

One afternoon we went to the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.  It was about a 5 minute walk from our hotel and was like being totally out of the city.  We got a geocache there and played with some Gopher Tortoises.

A couple grumpy kitties!

 Funny little ginger lizard.

How about this guy?

 Crazy delicious burger fro the Atlantic Surf Club.  Our last dinner :(

 Sitting in Newark airport... NYC skyline.  Love and see you again soon!


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