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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Bay of Fundy (Tanya's 1st Time in N.B)

After a few rainy days in Maine, we decided it was time to get out of the house and go for a little road trip.  Since we are staying only a few miles from Canada, and since I now have a Green card, what better place to go than to the motherland.  Presque Isle borders New Brunswick, and Fredricton, one of the largest cities is just a couple hours away and the world famous Bay of Fundy is only four hours so those two places were our destination of choice.  We started out early Thursday morning and reached N.B in just a few minutes of driving.  I was so excited to see that "Welcome to Canada" sign!  It has been much too long.  

Just over the border I made Josh stop at a gas station to stock up on the essentials; a Lotto 649, ketchup chips and the new special edition Mott's Bacon Vodka Caesar.  I was in heaven.  I also hadn't realized how much I missed our pretty, colorful, plastic money!

The drive over is beautiful the whole way.  Trees and hills and rivers.  Farmers starting to seed and the green of spring everywhere.  

We reached Fundy National Park around 1230, and forgot about losing an hour switching time zones, so we didn't have as much time to explore as we would have liked, but our first views were breathtaking!

We decided to do a little hike recommended to us by the girl at the entry gate to the park.  We did the Mathew's Head trail and it was a little ore intense than I expected.  I thought I might die haha.  The views and being in the wilderness were totally worth the blood, sweat and tears.  We also nabbed a couple geocaches in the area which I have missed doing so much!

The Bay of Fundy, for anyone that doesn't know, has the world's largest tidal range.  The tides rise and fall aprox. 16.8 metres twice a day.  It is pretty amazing to watch how crazy fast the tide comes in.

When we were done our hike, we decided to check out the town of Alma, which is located right in the park, and right on the shore of the the Bay of Fundy.  

We checked out the town, and of course since the tourist season is just starting, not really much was open, but I did find a giant lobster to get a pic with.

We found one open restaurant called "Tides" in a cute little hotel and we were ore than impressed with the food.  Also there were hummingbirds everywhere that kept taunting me and not letting me take a picture.

Our Caesar salad with crab stuffed scallops wrapped in bacon.  So delicious.

After lunch we drove by a bakery claiming to have amazing cinnamon buns.  I can never turn down a sticky bun, especially when you can only get good ones in Canada.  And they were almost as good as my mommy's.

When our bellies were finally full, we wandered the shoreline a bit.  The tide was just starting to come in and I could not get over how fast it rises!  The boats below were in the water just a few minutes I took this pic.

After a long day, and a two hour drive back to Fredricton we were ready for a drink and some good food.  Luke (my bro in law) had told us about a city wide burger competition that happened to be taking place this weekend called the Fredricton Burger Battle.  20 restaurants were taking part and all cooking up some incredible and unique burgers.  This is totally our cup of tea.  Unfortunately, the first two restaurants we went to were sold out!  We finally found one at "The Snooty Fox" called the Fire Daddy.  I have also included the menu of their specials for the evening, the Brendan Frasier cracked me up!  The burger was soooo good! Potentially a contest winner but we still were planning on checking more the next day.   We called it an early night since I was not feeling well.

 In the morning we slept in since we had the comfiest bed (if you are ever in Fredricton, stay at the Fredricton Inn... Not much from the outside but gorgeous inside) and neither of us have been sleeping well at Mom or Dad's.  It felt great.  We decided to do a little site seeing before we tackled out first burger.

Our first burger of the day was at the "King Street Ale House."  I should mention that we were splitting the burgers so we could try more.  Does this ale us sound like lesser gluttons?  This burger was also to die for.  It had a thick piece of smoked pork loin....  I also had to get some "real"poutine.

Next we went upstairs to the "Brewbaker." how is one supposed to decide when they all have bacon and pickles and chips, and aolie and so many other delicious things?


We needed a walk after this one...

We headed to the "Lunar Rogue" for their Bacon, Brie, Garlic aoli burger.  wow.  Then we were pretty much stuffed.  

After a bit more site seeing and a trip to Winners, Costco (oooooh how I missed you Costco) and PetSmart, we were on our way back to the US.  We will see you again soon Canada!  Thanks for the great trip!

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