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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

NYC Fun and a Yankees Game

I may be back in the Great White North right now, but before I got here, we had one last great day in Manhattan.  We started out heading in to one of our favorite restaurant/bars from the last time we lived in New york, Stout.  It is right by Penn Station and has such great.  Our intention was to stop for lunch and to watch the soccer game Brazil vs Chile.  For anyone that watched it, you know it was like the longest soccer game ever!  But Brazil won so I was happy!  It was fun to watch it with some hardcore Brazil fans too.  

After the game, we walked up towards Times Square to see if anything had changed in the 3 years since we were there.  Nothing really has changed, but it is as crazy and exciting as ever.  The first thing we saw was these sort of naked girls on the street.  

We kept walking and headed toward Radio City Music Hall.  

Just beside there we found a huge city sale that spanned several blocks.  There were different ethnic foods and crafts and a guys with snakes in the streets.  Oh and some Minions.

 We ended up at Bryant Park and the NY Public Library.  We didn't know before we got there but the Declaration of Independance is currently on display.  So, we stopped and waited in line for a few minutes to check that out.  Pretty cool.

We walked out and had a great view of one of my favorite buildings, the Chrysler Building.  Beautiful!

We caught the D train toward the Bronx and Yankee Stadium to get to the game in time to look at some shirts and have a drink.  I love Yankee Stadium, and the food!  Those hot dogs, I tell ya, so good!  

The stadium was pretty packed, since it was a Yankees vs Sox game and the rivalry was fierce, as usual.  The Yankees had won the game the night before so we were hoping that we would get a win two nights in a row.  It was a super close game, and was tied until the 9th, but the Sox ended up pulling out a win.  I'm still waiting for my first home team baseball game win :(  We had a home run land right beside us.  Or rather the ball hit a NYPD officer. haha, he was a good sport, but I am sure it must have hurt.  He kept the ball.

So, I'm back home on the farm now, so expect some posts of the most beautiful place on earth, the Saskatchewan Prairies.  Love this place and so nice to be home and see the family!

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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