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Friday, November 7, 2014

Fab Friday Faves 11.07.14

November!?  Can you believe it?  this year has flown by, and I can't believe that another one is about to start.  It seems like just yesterday I was wandering the streets of Peru, but we left six months ago.  I still have Peru blogs left to write haha.

I'm very excited today, as one of my best cousins, Amanda and her bf Christopher flew into the NYC last night and will be here for a few days exploring the city.  So today I will headed in to meet with them for the day, then Josh and I are hoping, if he doesn't have to work that we will take the train to Philadelphia for Saturday and a bit of Sunday to do some touring around there as neither of us have ever been.  If not then we will try to go next weekend, before it is too cold.

I did a lot of walking this week, mostly on my wander around Central Park, but also on a walk with Nicole over to Castle Point in Hoboken.  It was great!  

Anyway, time to get my butt in gear and face the day!  Enjoy my Five and have a fantastic weekend!

My kitties got all dressed up as scary lions for Halloween, and they loved it ;).  Sure looked cute though!

I took this picture in Central Park on Tuesday,  The foliage is beautiful and there is no better time of year to visit the park.  To see all of my check out my blog post Breathtaking Central Park Photos.

I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold Brow Kit from a couple weeks ago and was really excited to get it.  For all three products it was $36 which is a great deal after having looked around at other brands and stores for similar items.  The blonde side of the powder duo is actually light enough for my fair brows which is hard to find and I love the even coverage that the powder gives compared to a pencil.  The gel really keeps everything in place and smooths them out.

This This Pink and Grey Plaid Infinity Scarf was just $7.50 at Charlotte Russe.  It is insanely soft and cozy and is definitely in my favorite scarf pile now (it's a very big pile!).  Charlotte Russe as endless amounts of gorgeous scarves right now for as low as $7.50 and they always have new deals on.  Oh and The Empire State background isn't too shabby either.

McClure's Pickles are some of my favorites, and when I saw my local grocery store carried one of their kinds of potato chips I had to try them .  I try not to eat potato chips often, but they are my favorite guilty pleasure and these Garlic Dill Kettle Chips did not disappoint!

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  1. Sounds amazing, I'm a farm gal and would love to live in NYC for a bit. Hope the weekend is lovely!

  2. Love your scarf! Your kitties are so cute in their costumes!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. I wish my cat would let me dress him up...he wants no part of it!
    Beardy Heart Beauty

  4. I need those costumes for my cat!

  5. I love filling in my brows-such a game changer!

  6. So glad to know others get behind on their blogs also. Yes this year as flown by. I remember when I was kid, adults would say, "time just will fly by when you are an adult." I guess we are officially adults now. Just have to remember to always be a kid at heart.