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Friday, August 21, 2015

Fab Friday Faves 8.21.15

Happy Friday my friends!  I had a very busy weekend this week and then finally got some down time for most of this week.  It was kind of nice to be at home and get some stuff done, but at the same time, not being distracted was quite hard on me.  I spent the weekend with the lovely Kim and Kristen, some visitors from home.  Kim was my university room mate and Kristen is her sister.  They were here for a girls long weekend and they so kindly invited me along on their adventures Friday and Saturday.  Saturday night, Josh and I went out with one of his college friends Ryan, and his girlfriend along with some of his former coworkers and their wives.  They were all fantastic but unfortunately I had a migraine and was really tired so I was a total buzzkill.  We did go to Colicchio and Sons, a super fancy restaurant that I have wanted to hit up for a long time and it was amazing.  Sunday, Josh and I went out to Bear Mountain, a lovely Park only about an hour north along the Hudson.  It was about 100F so our plans of doing some hiking got changed to brunch and a walk around the lake.  Like I said, the week was quiet, I made sure to get out really early everyday for a run/walk/photo session so that I didn't have to go out in the sweltering heat to get some fitness in.  Yesterday I gave blood and hung out in the nice climate controlled mall for a couple hours.

Also Happy 250 blog post anniversary to me!!

Anyway, everyone have a great weekend!  Check back Monday for part two of my Saskatchewan blog and enjoy my Friday Five!

1. Like I said, my friends Kim and Kristen were in town for the weekend and they invited me along for a food tour in the West Village.  We tried some delicious food and it was so nice to catch up and have some faces from home while I was not the happiest camper.  Thanks ladies!

2. Sunday Josh and I headed up to Bear Mountain.  We enjoyed one of the best brunch buffets I have ever been to and got to enjoy a little piece of nature.

3. Yesterday I donated blood.  It had been a long time, actually my first time in the US, partially because I have gotten two tattoos in the last two years and partially because its just something that slipped my mind.  I had an ad pop up on my Facebook the other day (see they really do work!) offering Mets tickets to anyone that came out so I thought I may as well.  I didn't have the best experience (the staff was great, I just got a little woozy)but I feel pretty good about my good deed for the day.  I did a "Double Red" as they called it.  They actually take less blood but they get 2 donations technically because the blood gets taken out, separated in a machine then they pump everything except the red blood cells back in to you.  Kinda weird and it took longer but it makes it so you only donate every four months instead of two.

4. My very first South Hill Designs necklace came in the mail from my mom this week.  It was a summer special and I love the sea glass green around the rim along with the ocean style charms.  I have wanted one for quite some time and I love it!  Remember, if you want your own, my mom sells them along with their whole line of gorgeous jewelry.  Cindy's South Hill Designs Site.

5. I found this so cool anchor marquee yesterday at Kohls.  I have had my eye out for items that I know I want for our house when we get it (more specifically our pool cabana bar) and this was one of them.  It was in clearance, down from $69.99 to 22.43!  I was somewhat worried that it wouldn't work, but I got home and tried it out and obviously it does.  I'm in love!  There is also a seahorse one that I'm seriously considering going back for.  Just a side note, I spent $43 at Kohl's today and saved $106.  Man I love that place!

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