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Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer in SK '15 pt. Two

Here is is, I'm back with part two of my trip to Saskatchewan!  I guess I will just pick up where I left off, so enjoy!  If you missed part one here it is.

On our first real big rain day, like the kind were it gets really cold and pours the entire day, Miranda and I had set up a beach day date.  Obviously this wasn't possible so we sat in the trailer and played Skipbo for a few hours.  I just love spending time with my bestie regardless of what it is so we had a great time.

Once the rain had slowed a bit we headed into Kyle for the Walleye Derby Boat Parade.  This is an annual event held in town on the Friday before the fishing derby at the Landing.

My favorite part is the candy :)

Bright and early Saturday morning the whole family and went over to the Marina for a long time family tradition, the Pancake breakfast.  We have done this almost every year since the Walleye Derby started.  Yummy!

My view on the walk back to the campsite.

We played a lot of mini golf while I was there... Jimmy is a pro putter.

We got to celebrate Shirley's birthday.  Shirley is a neighbor and long time friend/babysitter/honorary grandma.

A couple pictures of doe seagulls eating grasshoppers out of a field and off the road out by Sanctuary.

More mini-Golf with the fam.

We used one of those color packs in the fire.  You can see some green but it would have shown better in a pic at night.

This was one of the neighbors we had at the campsite.  He got left with the little baby while everyone else went to the beach for the day.  Things were very quiet so I peaked over to see what was going on.  He had rigged up this contraption to swing the baby from the tree....

Saskatchewan Express, a group of teens from SK that sing and dance.  They were amazing this year.

The prettiest sunset ever.

This is the smallest baby on the farm.  Such a sweetie!

A field over by one of our farms.

On the last week of my trip (well it was supposed to be my last week)  I returned to Rabbit Hill Teahouse and B&B.  This time with my Auntie Lorri.  We stayed overnight in the cutest little cottage and had the most amazing breakfast!  Check out my blog on Rabbit Hill here.

A field of Spring Wheat across from Rabbit Hill.  it has been so long since I have seen golden fields I had to take a million pictures.

Another pretty sunset.

Getting ready for breakfast in the Teahouse.

Waffles with homemade Saskatchewan Cherry syrup and Saskatoon Berry topping.

The ducks in the pond.

The two of us!

The valley on the way home.

Later that day, Jesse and I decided to go for a cruise and do some Geocaching.  We always find interesting things.  I also took a tumble through some thistles and barbed wire.  That was fun haha.

A lawnmower in a tree.

The most difficult cache of the day.  A hollowed log with the cache inside plugged with a cork.  It was laying it's side and I kicked it few times before I realized.

The pipeline road.  The hilliest road in the area!

We came across a really cool old farmstead.  The sign for it and everything else was overgrown but it was pretty neat when we actually started looking around.  We found the old house, a hole I assumed was the cold cellar, a fallen over windmill and some farm implements.

We also took a cruise down to Beaver Flat for cache.  Such a cute little town.  Loved this sign.

Look at those eyes.  Miss them so much!

Finally after ages of saying we were going to, Jim and I went to the Fish Fry at the Clubhouse.  No kidding this was some of the best fish I have ever eaten!

Bright and early the next morning Gerry had Jesse haul a load of lentils to Kindersley.  So I tagged along for some company.  I slept half the way there but it was actually pretty fun.

Have to show off the new BBQ my parents got.  Its a John Deere edition Weber Q2000.  Not kidding this is the best grill in the world.

Another Brown Eyed Susan picture on the shore of the river.  So pretty.

Finally Miranda and I got our beach day!  We are so cute!

A gorgeous rainbow up at the Hilltop after another White Bear wing night.

On our way up to another breakfast (this one for the Archery Shoot) a mama and her fawn.

The breakfast!  yum!

I found another Canola field and knew this might be the last nice one I saw so had to get a pic.

Finnally after almost a month the hiking trails reopened at the Landing (they had been closed due to fire hazard.  Gorgeous views.

Mr. Jinx enjoying the great outdoors again.

One last time mini golfing and this storm hit us with a vengeance for about 15 minutes.

Girls day in Swift Current, Pedicure and some gambling.

Favorite picture ever!

Another sunset.

A delicious breakfast I made with some leftover steak.

The last few days we were there, Jinx decided his favorite bird watching spot was the hood of the Jetta.

One last view of the Landing.  I'll miss this place!

Had to get some selfies with my favorite puppies, Ticker and Willow.

One last sunset!


Retard with her sweet little baby.

Motley and Hoot.

Mr. man Patrick my other baby!  I wish I could bring him to love with us here but he loves being outside too.  Is there a cuter face than that?

Mom and Mean Jean pitting cherries while I took pictures and played with the cats.

A standoff between Jinx and Retard with baby in the background.  This is the last picture ever of Jinx.

A last selfie with Jesse, sort of.

The cherries that mom and grandma pitted made an amazing dessert!

Jimmy rocking the pink Oakleys.

Thats it, I stayed 5 weeks this year, longer than ever.  Jinx and I had a great time and I was so happy to have him with me for his last days playing outside and enjoying life to the fullest.  Thanks to everyone that I got to see, since I wasn't able to go to far!

My last pic of SK.

Toronto Skyline, you can see the CN tower in the background.

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