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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer in SK '15 pt. One

This summer I planned my annual summer trip back to Saskatchewan for the month of July, but with an added bonus of Josh being able to join me for a week.  This would be his first time back to Sask in over three years.  Crazy right?  We had planned to have a cat sitter come every day to check on Jinx and Smudge for that week, but unfortunately, Jinx ended up getting very sick a couple weeks before we had planned to leave, so we booked him in to come along with us too.  It turned out to be a good thing, he was so happy being able to be outside and chase birds and bugs for his last month with us on earth.  Smudge stayed home and had the pet sitter come in once a day and she did amazing.  Sandra raved so much about how amazing she was that I was sure she was going to take her home! So on June 27th the three of us headed out to Saskatchewan.  We need up arriving shortly afternoon which was fantastic.  This was one of the first things that we saw when we left the airport.. Welcome to SK!

We got to the farm a couple hours later and were greeted by the cat army.

Right away we let Jinx test out the great outdoors for the first time in about three years and right away he was in love and such a happy boy!  He sure loves grass, but at the start his tummy did not.  Luckily he got used to it.

Right away, my parents put us to work on the farm.  Well actually mostly Josh, but I helped too.  They were getting new grain bins so we had to build the bottoms and rake the gravel and pack them down.  Not so much fun, but it felt good to help.  This is a bin being lowered on to the base.

An old plane in one of our farmyards.

Major cat attack when we opened the door in the mornings.

After a few days of work we decided to take a short family day trip out to the Beechy Sandcastles and Sunken Hill.  Check out my whole blog about it here.  We had a great day and I have bugging my parents to take me here for the last few years so it made me shut up!

Back at the farm, some of the kittens (hardly still kittens) having lunch.

New gold buddy Jinx, we had to do some golf practice to prepare for the game on the weekend.

Jinx and Smudges Mom.

I volunteered Josh to play Slo-Pitch at Clearwater Lake the weekend he was there with Miranda and her team.  It was great to hang out and see some friends.

And of course, we went to White Bear for wings.  I went a couple more times after Josh left too.

Sunday was a very early morning of some golf.  Only Josh and Jimmy played, Mom, Jesse and I just drove the carts.  It was also FREEZING cold, it really messed with my cute wardrobe.

Out for a drive to one of the farms later that day we saw a mama dear that obviously had a baby hidden in the bushes.

a decent blooming Canola field.

The day before Josh left was our day to move out the The Landing to camp.  I was sad Josh only got to enjoy it for one night but it was really nice to be down there and have a campfire and relax.  I spent the entire next month there.

So gorgeous!

The day came to drop Josh at the airport.  We were all sad to see him leave but he had to get back to work :(  It was just mom and I that went to drop him off so of course we had to go to the mall for some shopping.  I had to get my Kernels popcorn... it is one of my have to go stops because we don't have them or a chain like it at all in the US.  It was also so cold that I bought this super cute sweater.  Too bad right?  haha

The next day was get settled day at the Landing.  I had a tropical drink and my guns out!

Checking things out, this is his "what is that thing moving over there?" look.

Mom and Melissa had a hair appt in Elrose later in the week so Jim and I tagged along and wandered around the booming town of Elrose.  I snapped a couple pictures and then we headed to Rosetown to visit Grandma Evelyn who had just been admitted into the hospital for Pneumonia.

Of course there were a few trips to Swift Current, on this one I found a giant toonie.  How Canadian.

Here are some Canadian foods I found.  I of course had to get the Poutine chips which unfortunately turned out to be pretty awful.  And it takes a lot for me to say a chip is awful .

This at Boston Pizza.  I didn't get it but someday I will.I also had to have a Caesar.  BPs has some of the best ones ever and they are way better than their American counterpart, the Bloody Mary.

McDonald's is even on the Canadian bandwagon with a Maple Bacon Poutine.  I did eventually try to order this but they were out.  Not impressed but their regular poutine is still awesome.

Once the first week couple weeks had quieted down , I really did spend most of my time down at the river.  this was a country cover band that came to perform one evening.   They played some great classic country hits.

Some random pictures I took.

While I was there, Kyle Agencies, the local insurance agency had a customer appreciation party with an amazing Beatles cover band.  They were so great and the entire town had a blast.  And were drunk.

Back at the Landing visiting with Grandma Jean who was luckily able to come spend at least a day with us a week.

Later in the day we went to check out the Dog Agility demonstrations that were being held at the Landing, very cool, some amazing dogs.

This was the first real storm to roll through while I as there.  We all know I love that!  Some places got quite a storm but we seemed to isa a large part of the rain.

Mr. giant Dragonfly.  Pretty sure Jinx eventually caught him.

Jinx and I.  This ended up being our last picture together :(..

Our next trip to Rosetown to visit Grandma Evelyn, we ended up getting one heck of a storm.

Poutine at the Clubhouse at the Landing on National Fry Day!  So good!

Mom decided she did not want to do anything for her birthday, so I have no pictures of her birthday, but I got her these Pandora Mother/Daughter charms.

Never seen the Brown Eyed Susan's like this...

Banana truck.  I just got a kick out of it.

Another gorgeous Landing picture.

Farm life, the whole family gets involved.  Ticker hauling grain.

Michelle came out for a visit and for a couple nights of camping.  Mom and I decided we would show her the area and take her out to the Rabbit Hill Tea House and B&B.  Such an amazing place really in the middle of the bald prairie.  Check out my full blog on that, here.

Just as we went to leave, we got a major storm and had quite a time getting down the huge valley to get home, but mom's pro driving a 4x4 made it.

So this is the end of part one of my trip to SK.  I thought I would throw this pic of my brother wrapped up like a burrito in there because he will love that.  Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

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