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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fab Friday Faves 9.25.15

Hello Friday!  What a week.  Some things have happened that have made this week hard so I haven't been doing too much.  That and I have some sort of sickness and have been packing and cleaning because until yesterday late afternoon we thought we had to be out of our apartment next Wednesday.  We have to be in NJ now until the end of October for Josh's job (yes I have been saying since the end of May that we were moving but it is for real this time) but were told we could not extend our apartment another month.  After quite the run around we now can stay until October 15th. So that gives an extra couple weeks which I could really use.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, there is a ton of stuff going on here that I am going to check out, starting with the NYC Coffee Festival in a few hours. One last thing, don't forget to tell your loved ones just how much you love them.  

 1. Saturday was the Jersey City All About Downtown Street Fair.  There were over 250 vendors of every kind you could ever imagine.  I would say most were food but there was awesome clothing, gifts and businesses set up as well.  I went for a couple hours in the afternoon (it took about an hour to walk from end to end!) and then again after Josh got home from work in the evening.  We had some great food and I got some really great "stuff".  Stay tuned for a post about the whole thing.

2. Wednesday morning I got up bright and early and headed out for a bike ride on the brand new Citibikes in Jersey City.  These things are all over Manhattan but I have always been to chicken to try them out there.  Turns out the bikes are really great, they have gears and hand brakes so I decided to go all the way over to Liberty State Park.  I went the entire length of the park and ended up having an almost 15 mile bike ride.  I could barely walk when I got home but I had a really nice time.

3. Early Sunday afternoon Josh and I went over to the first Craft Brewery in Jersey City, Departed Soles Brewing Company.  It also happens to be just a few blocks away which made it even better.  They aren't technically open yet but have a few hours on the weekends that they open on the weekends.  The place is really cool and we tried all the beers on skateboard flights.  There are some great beer and I know the place is going to be huge.

4. This week is the start of the Fall season or TV premiers.  A couple new shows that I checked out this week were "Scream Queens" and "The Muppets".  These two shows had the highest ratings for new shows so  I know I wasn't the only one who was intrigued.  "Scream Queens" was awesome, I am a huge horror movie fan and this show was really fantastic.  Plus the original Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis plays a really weird Dean in it.  "The Muppets" have always been some of my favorite characters and I am a huge fan of "The Muppet Show" so I had high hopes.  It didn't disappoint, and I am so glad they didn't go to crazy with changes.

5. A few weeks ago I read that Utz was releasing Fried Dill Pickle Potato Chips.   I was super pumped because it is really hard to find Dill Pickle chips in the US and almost impossible to find ones that are decent.  I found them at Shoprite last week and had to get them.  they are actually pretty great!  They aren't the best I have ever had but I would say the best ones I have found Stateside.  Pretty exciting.

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  1. Fried dill pickle chips?! Those sound delicious!

  2. I loved Scream Queens! I'm excited for the next episode!
    Morgan |