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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Favorite Coffee Spots- National Coffee Day

In honor of National Coffee Day, I have picked some of my favorite coffee shops to share with you. Some are chains, some are small local ones, but they all have delicious coffee, lattes, and other drinks and treats.  If you have the chance to go to any of them, make sure you do!  I couldn't put them in an order from best to worst, so they are in a random order.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf- various locations across the U.S

I love The Coffee Bean so much mostly because they have a huge variety of drinks.  They always have new seasonal flavors and you can have anything made that you could ever dream up.   Another nice feature is that they actually sell the ingredients to make the drinks they make in the store both in store and online, like the teas, powders to make lattes and their special coffees.  The baristas at the stores I have been to are always super friendly and chatty which I love at a coffee shop.

Smith and Chang- Jersey City, NJ

I discovered Smith and Chang this spring and have been back weekly since.  Not only do they have the best iced coffee around, they sell locally made pastries and desserts that are amazing.  They also sell their own line of soaps, lotions and body care, all natural and some other locally made body care items, jewelry, pottery, honey and artwork, again all by local New Jersey artists.  The store shop has a very relaxed hipster kind of feel with a lovely little sitting area outside during warm weather.  

Caffè Bene- Various locations across the U.S and Asia

Nicole and I discovered Caffé Bene while wandering in Hoboken when we first moved to Jersey City.    They have delicious coffee, tons of different lattes, bubble teas, frappes and smoothies.  Along with the huge selections of drinks, they serve pastries, sandwiches, parfaits and even waffles.  The pink drink pictured below is a strawberry iced latte.  So good!  

Tim Hortons- various locations across Canada and the U.S

I wouldn't be a very good Canadian if I didn't include the iconic Canadian symbol, Tim Hortons on my list.  Tim Hortons has been a staple for many years and I love everything there.  Their coffee of course is the main draw, mostly because it has some sort of addicting drug in it, or in the cups, depending on who you talk to.  They also have yummy donuts, sandwiches, breakfast items, soups and even smoothies and of course iced caps.  Probably my favorite foods there though are the chili and the cheese tea biscuits.  I have to say that all of the U.S stores I have been to don't hold a candle to the Canadian ones, but you can still get most of the basics.  

Dunkin Donuts- Various locations in the U.S

I wouldn't be a very good transplant American if I didn't include DD on my list.  Dunkins actually, was one of the first places that made me love coffee, while we were living in Long Island City a few years ago.  I started off with their flavored iced coffees, usually coconut or blueberry.  Now, every time we go out of town, or if we need a break, Dunkin Donuts is usually the place we stop.  They have great coffee as well as breakfast sandwiches and wraps.  It's a sure bet if you are road tripping across 'Merica!  

Chobani- SoHo, NYC (soon to be another 10 locations in the U.S)

When you think Chobani, you probably don't think coffee, which is why I walked by this place for over a year and never stopped.  I can get Chobani yogurt at the grocery store!  So a couple weeks ago when I finally stopped, actually to get a water I was in for quite the surprise.  They have cold brew coffee on tap, one of my favorite things and this has to be one of the best cold brews that exist.  I also had a moment to check out their whole menu.  They don't just have yogurt, they have sweet yogurt creations, as well as savory ones, as well as sandwiches and soups.  

Urban Ground Coffeehouse- Swift Current, SK

This is one of my favorite coffee shops, and it happens to be the one closest to my hometown in Saskatchewan where you don't exactly expect a gourmet specialty coffee place.  The owner also happens to be a girl that also lived in residence at the University of Sk.  This place has some of the best selection of hot drinks I have seen anywhere with some I have never heard of and twists on classics, like the London Smog (a London fog with chocolate milk),  Hawaiian Hot Chocolate (Hot chocolate with coconut syrup) and a Coconut Cream Latte.  They have some great cold drinks and smoothies as well AND in house made delicious desserts.

 Caribou Coffee- various locations in the U.S

Although I have only been to Caribou a couple times, I know they have great coffee.  I have also bought their K-cups and ground coffee because it is so good!  I know they have a larger menu with food, but sometimes all you need is a good black coffee.

Rae Rae's Coffee Shop- Anchorage, AK

This was one of my favorite places, and almost daily stop when we were living in Anchorage.  It is actually a coffee shack, which were everywhere there for some reason.  They had such good coffee and lattes in any flavor you could ever think of!

 Kulka Cafe- Miraflores, Lima, Peru

I went to this place a few times when I lived in Miraflores, mostly for the Nutella latte.  So good!  The place is actually German with a few German food items on the menu, and it is the cutest, cosiest coffee shop in Miraflores.  The coffee is good, but Peruvian, so very strong, but also very good!  You get used to how crazy strong it is.

 Guy on the bike cart- Downtown Tampa, FL

I don't know exactly the name of the company, but this is THE BEST iced coffee.  It is kind of in a category of its own, because it is nitro brewed, which currently is not very common.  When we where in Tampa, we just happened to see him across the street and had to go over and check it out, a decision which I will never regret.  If you are in Ybor City in downtown Tampa and you see this guy, be sure to stop him for this draft beer like, consistency coffee.

Brooklyn Roasting Company- Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY

Brookyn Roasting is a staple in NYC and has a huge selection of coffees from all over the world.  It is simple, delicious coffee or and strength you could want.  They also do popups at events all over the city so you never have to look to far.

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  1. This post was such a great idea!! I miss all of these places but I was just saying to Jason that I really miss the coffee shacks in Alaska!! I miss the GOOD coffee and the little stickers they put on your cups mouthpiece!! I also miss Caribou Coffee and will be eternally pissed that they removed the one two minutes from our house like the day we moved in! Now I want to drink all the coffee! I also miss Café Bene and their maple lattes! I need to scope out a coffee shop here before you arrive!