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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our House, One Week In.

Well we have now been in our new house for one week.  We have gotten most of our furniture, and already done some fixing and improvements, mostly to the yard, but a few little things inside too.  We have been crazy busy, and exhausted, but my parents have done a crazy amount of work themselves, while I try to get things unpacked and organized.  So here is our house after a week!  We are still over the moon and loving having a place of our own.

The day we moved in, with our realtor taking pictures for us.  He also brought us a bottle of Möet.

First dip in the pool!

The front of our house and front yard.  This is a very recent pic and a lot of work went in to making it look so nice!
Smudge checking out the window seat cedar chest in the living room.

The dining/living room, the chairs for the table are back ordered and should be in next week.

Our first meal we cooked at the house on Josh's Weber grill he got for his birthday.

Our tree was up the first day we were in.  We got an awesome tree to have at the house and it is beautiful.  I have also never had a mantle for stockings so I was pretty excited for that!

 The coffee table with my barnacle and shell arrangement on it.

Our bedroom.  This is all we have in it so far.  The headboard and footboard come tomorrow and I am being super picky about end tables so they will come eventually.  The room is huge, we actually have a large area not pictured that we will have as a TV area maybe with a couple chairs and fireplace.

My walk in closet, yes a huge mess currently, it seems to have been put at the bottom of my priority list but I heart this so much.

The master bath.  Also in love with this.  I still haven't had a bath!

The garage.  It is three car with a nice little storage and work area over to the side.  It is much cleaner and much more filled with tools now!

 The laundry room.  Love my washer and dryer.  The stuff on top was inside from the pool area the day it was supposed to rain.

Little office area under the stairs.  Not cleaned up anything much yet.

The upstairs area.  We have four bedrooms,  I only took pictures of three because Jesse has turned one into a teenaged boy spare room.

The guest bath.  cluttered with guest stuff right now.

Smudge hanging out by the Christmas tree.

My tree again because I love it.

 The kitchen.

The buffet.  It won't be staying like this but I am just trying to get things where I want them to be.

The window seat with Smudge's new bed and the gorgeous fish lamp my family got us for a housewarming gift.  Also so in love with my chaise.

Trying to get as Christmasy as possible even though we only moved in a week before.

Smudge exploring the pool area on our first day.

My pool area <3<3 we have put a decent amount of work to this area, cleaning and planting some fun new plants.

My succulents and new little birds look so cute here!

My new pineapple bush and some transplanted purple plants we found in random areas of the yard.

Lunch by the pool with the fam.

The pool at night.  Put some solar light son the palm tree.  The picture does not do this justice.

Console table with my Christmas cards on the railing.

Had to add this picture of Smudge.  She loves her new bed and this spot.  

My seashell lamps I filled.  These were so fun!

All my Christmas cards.  We are so appreciative of all of these!  Thank you!

 So there it is, our house so far!  Obviously we have a long way to go but we are so happy!  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!


  1. LOVE your kitchen!! Also the seashell lamps :)

  2. The house looks amazing!! It's all coming together so fast! We've been talking about ideas for your house for so long it's so great to see it all coming to life! So happy for you guys! I need to visit! Also I need you to convince Jason the importance of a chaise lounge! Xo

  3. Very, very nice! Interior decorating is another of your skills. And you have plenty of room for visiting friends too! It's perfect. Home blessings to you both!