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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 8.19.16

Happy Friday my darlings!  I just realized that it has almost been a month since my last Friday post.  I am pretty sure that is the longest I have gone without a Friday post since I started blogging.  Since the last time I did a Friday post I had my three year blogiversary.  This is my 363rd blog post.  Pretty crazy isn't it that I have had 363 things to write about?  
Obviously, since my last Friday post I made it back to Maryland and gotten back to normal life.  Not much exciting has happened, besides a couple cookouts and dinners out and Farmer's Markets.  It has been the CRAZIEST heat ever.  Probably the hottest I have ever been in, like over 100F (40C) everyday.  Unbearable really.  
So I tried all day yesterday to think of FIVE favorites from the last week for today, and I had one hell of a time.  But I scrounged together four from this week and one from a while ago.  So enjoy and I'll try to do better next week!  Oh and speaking of that, I will be home in Florida next week and I am so excited!  Have a great weekend everyone!

1.  This week with this crazy heat, we have had a couple wicked storms.  I managed to get some decent  from them both.  I really love taking lightning pictures even though they don't take very well on an iPhone!

ON Saturday night, Josh and I went to our first Washington National's game.  They were playing the Braves, and it happened to be Star Wars Day, which actually was really awesome.  We got shirts and literally everything was Star Wars themed.  We had Shake Shack, which I love and haven't had since NYC, and Josh was nice enough to miss like 45 minutes of the game to get it for me and I had some Dippin' Dots.   I ended up with a little heatstroke but it was a good time and one of the best MLB games I have been to.  

3.  So make fun if you will, but I LOVE Pokemon Go.  I really know nothing about the game other than when I turn on the app if there is a Pokemon there, I catch it.  Or if there is a Pokestop I get balls and stuff from it.  Regardless, it is fun and coming down hard on people for actually getting out and walking and exploring is really crappy.  Well if they are doing it safely of course!

4. Sunday was International Rosé Day, and since Rosé is my favorite wine, I had to celebrate.  This Mad Housewife is a really good one by the way!  Give it a try!

5.  So this is my one thing that is not from this week.  I had to post it so that if you are ever in Minneapolis Airport, you go and give this stuff a try.   The giant Bloody Mary was pretty good, and a meal in itself, but the breakfast burger was unbelievable.  Do yourself a favor and go to Ike's at the end of the main Mall concourse and get it.  Then walk around the entire airport twice to work some of it off.

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  1. Whoa that Ceasar is crazy. My husband is an avid PokemanGo player too. My phone is too old to play along but it's been awesome- now we go out on walks all the time together. He never used to like to go for walks before. Yay for PokemonGo haha!

  2. That breakfast burger looks oh-so-good. They have them at Applebee's and I usually order one when I go there. It was quite hot here last week. I'm glad it's slightly cooling down. Those lightning pics are awesome.