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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 8.26.16

Happy Friday and greetings from sunny Florida!  We made it home to the house and are enjoying every minute.  We had a lot of work to do when we got back as we were a little over grown since I haven't been back in a while but everything is looking great now.  We are headed to the beach shortly, so I should keep this update short and sweet!  Everyone enjoy your weekend, and everyone in Florida, stay safe in the upcoming possible storms!

1. Yesterday, Josh and I went into Tampa, technically where we live, for the first time in over a year other than the airport.  We went there with the intention of walking the 2.4 mile Tampa River Walk.  We parked by the Aquarium so we decided to check that out first.  It is a pretty awesome little aquarium with mostly local animals.  I am going to do a longer post on our day so I won't spoil it too much.  We then had lunch at Hablo Taco which was awesome and tried to do the river walk but we got one mile in and it was just to hot!  So we will wait until winter or at least an evening.  We then went down to Ybor City, where we stayed when we first came exploring the area.  It was a great day!

2. I know this picture says it's # 4, my bad.  Anyway, I really missed the pool, and I brought  Mr. Flamingo to join in the fun in the sun.  

3. On Saturday we went into Alexandria for brunch at Columbia Firehouse (an actual beautifully redone three story firehouse) and a walk.  Brunch was awesome with biscuits gravy and Southern Benedict and Alexandria is always and amazing place to walk with all the history and neat things to see.  

4. We went for lunch at LBC in Palm Harbor yesterday and I tried the Ace Pineapple Cider that they had on tap.  So delicious and summery and refreshing!  If you see it, buy some, you won't be disappointed!

 5. I got these super cute MUDD booties at Kohls on the weekend for my Nashville girls trip.  They are so cute and so comfy, perfect for fall.

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  1. Your float looks so fun. Have a great weekend!

  2. Pineapple Cider sounds delicious! Can't wait for your Aquarium recap. I love visiting Aquariums :) That picture of the moray eel is fantastic!