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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Legislature And Owls Day Trip

Every summer when I go  back to Saskatchewan, I always try to spend a day or two hanging out with my Auntie Lorri.  Last year we went out to the Rabbit Hill B&B which was fantastic and this year we decided to spend the day in the province's Queen City, Regina and it's neighbor, my favorite city in the province, Moose Jaw.  This year, we also had my Uncle Glen along for the ride.  He works away so it's always an added bonus to get to visit with him too.  
I started off my trip bright and early and had to stop and take picture of this beautiful sky at the river first.  My next stop was at Lorri and Glen's farm near Moose Jaw to get a tour of all the work they have done since I was last there.  It looks amazing!  I also got to visit with their kitty and bird which is always one of my favorite parts!  

After the tour there, we made our way in to Regina (with a quick stop at A&W for lunch first... I LOVE A&W!)  Our plan was to go check out the new dome on the Legislative Building that was just completed this year.  It's made of copper and looks great although it's already lost some of its shininess! And that pesky crane is still there taking away from all my pictures haha.

The Legislature is located right on Wascana Lake and has the most beautiful flower garden's separating the lake and the buildings. 

Some of the waterfowl by the lake.  

We trie to get inside, but not surprisingly, security is a bit stricter than it was many years ago when we had all last visited.  You can still hang out in the lobby and the basement though.  And there is this...

Saskatchewan Coat of Arms mosaic on the floor.

A sheep.  I really should have checked out why he is here but I really just thought  he was cute.

Interesting history of the Leg.

Once we had wrapped up our visit to "Pile 'O Bones, and caught some Pokemon, we made the short trek back to Moose Jaw for the rest of our day.  We made a stop at an antique store right on the outskirts that I have always wanted to check out.  We didn't get anything but if you are ever driving through Moose Jaw, check out the antique store with the grain bins by the A&W.  I can't forget to mention how awesome my aunt and uncle were by suggesting we stop at Superstore for me to get some Loads of Ketchup chips.  Next up was what I was most excited for, the Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Center.  I'm pretty obsessed with owls (they are cute and not afraid to give you the sideways looks I always dream of giving people), and had been wanting to visit this place for years.  Luckily Lorri and Glen had the same idea for our visit.   

The centre is in place to help educate people about these adorable and very endangered little creatures that are native to Saskatchewan.  They have education programs, displays and even have some owls that have been injured and are unable to be released back into the wild.  

I freaking love the display pictures here.  Seriously, owls are the cutest and I learned a lot of facts that I never known before.

I need this bumper sticker!  Burrowing Owls Love Canadian Beef.  More like they love to nest in pastures grazed by cattle.

I managed to get some pictures of the owls (I knew I took my good camera to SK this year for a reason!).  I was really so excited about them that I never got their names or why they were unable to be released back into the wild, but they all have amazing stories and are little troopers.

This Short Eared Owl is currently the only non Burrowing Owl at the Centre and isn't she the most beautiful thing?

Evening was approaching and we had reservations for dinner in Moose Jaw so we made our way downtown to a location that was unknown to me.  I had no idea what to expect but I was delighted when I found out that we were going to the Grant Hall Hotel, one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been in.  It reminded me a lot of some of the old fancy restaurants with the tin ceilings and grand woodwork in NYC.  The hotel was originally built in 1928 and was host to royalty and celebrities before eventually falling into disrepair.  In 2001 the condemned building was set to be torn down before Verna Alford and her brother's purchased the it and spent several years restoring it.  It is once again a hotel and an amazing restaurant.  

It had been a while since I had a nice fancy meal and I was super pumped.  We all ordered the Surf and Turf special with Prime Rib and a Lobster tail along with a salad and Tuxedo cake for dessert.  None of it disappointed!

I'm really sad i never got more pictures of us but this is Auntie Lorri and I in Grant Hall after dinner.

After a sad goodbye and a very full tummy, I started the two hour drive back to The Landing.  The drive actually took a lot longer because I stopped to take a bunch of pictures and also had to stop in every small town to to wash my window because it was literally raining bugs.  How beautiful are the Saskatchewan Prairies?  thanks so much to Auntie Lorri and Uncle Glen for the amazing day!

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