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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Saskatchewan 2016 Pt. 1

So I am sure most of you know that I spent about a month in Saskatchewan again this summer.  It was great and I love my home province more and more every time I return to it.  I saw a lot of people and did a lot as usual, so I am just putting up a quick review of everything.  I always take a ton of pictures so be prepared for that, as well as the fact that a large majority of them are of clouds and cats.  Enjoy!

My first glimpse of the gorgeous patchwork that is Saskatchewan.  Better than last year... it was so smokey we didn't know we were landing until we were on the ground!

My parents weren't able to come get me right away so Michelle picked me up and we went for lunch and to my favorite Farmer's Market in the world.  I got some wine and some fruit and some other fun things.  

Lunch was Poutine and a Caesar, my two favorite Canadian things, at hudson's Canadian Tap House.

Early the next day, in the pouring rain my parents and my brother picked me up and we stopped for lunch at Rock Creek and I got poutine again.

Jesse drove us home.

Greeted by my favorite pups.

Exploring the farm.

I managed to get my hands on a lot of Tim Hortons...  this was my first one.

And then I went gambling with my mom and grandma.  Three generations playing the slots!

Annnd, here are the cats.  A lot of them.  I am always in heaven even though only like five can ever be held.  

 complained so much that the hairy monster got a haircut!

Sweet old car in Kyle.

My first big prairie storm.

Mom's birthday supper and estivates with the fam.

My first walk at the Landing.  So beautiful!

Drinks with Miranda and Jesse.  Paralyzer!

And the Walleye Derby boat parade, a Miranda and Tanya tradition but we didn't get that much candy this year.

Mom's birthday trip to a few places around Saskatoon.  I did a whole blog on this day already, check it out here.

A pretty flax field.

At Solar Gardens, the succulent farm and restaurant.

My delicious lunch.I also had more poutine.

A canola field.

Playing mini golf.

More Canola.

At the Berry Barn.

White Bear for supper!

Back down at the Landing.

My giant mosquito coil.

The always talented Saskatchewan Express.


A morning hike.

We went on a girls trip out to Rabbit Hill.  Always a great time!

Cows in the Valley.

Another massive storm as seen from the Landing.  This dropped hail as big as my hand all over the river valley for miles.  

Roasting hot dogs.


Mom, Jim, Jesse and I went to Ag in Motion in my old stomping grounds of Langham.  We had an awesome day being all farmy.

Back at the river.

Cutest kitty pile!

Bean picking.

I went and spent a day with Miranda in Swift.  We caught Pokemon.

And watched another storm.

I drove back to the farm and finished watching it from there.

Part two of my trip will happen sometime soon!

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