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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Camping at Westmoreland

On our last camping trip, Josh and I went out to Westmoreland State Park, just a short drive across the bridge into Virginia.  Westmoreland is another park in the area that is known for mass amounts of fossils and shark teeth that you are allowed to take home so obviously I had been itching to spend some time out here.  Sadly, I was ill prepared and didn't find much, just some fossilized wood.  Next time I need to take a sifter to go out in the water like the hardcore people!  

We went to the park to pick our spot (this park has the most gorgeous secluded camping sites!) and then went to the nearby town of Montross for some lunch at a cute little local diner/pizza place.  This town is so historic and cute and has so much character.

We went back to our site to get set up and made a cute little lizard friend that liked our firewood.

Seriously these sites were so secluded and quiet. and there was tons of deadfall so we didn't den need to buy firewood.

Once we were setup we went for a bit of a bike ride.  It was fun for a while until I decided i needed to get dehydrated or something and get sick.  For some reason, I stopped taking pictures after this, but we had an awesome Bushpie dinner and read and listened to music around the fire.

Bright and early, we got up and took the short hike down to the beach.  It's such a pretty walk and the beach is beautiful but the water is freezing!  Like I said, we struck out on the fossil finding but it was still a lovely morning on the beach.

We got back and started to clean up and this little walking stick bug was on the tent when we took the fly off.

Just down the road was George Washington Birthplace National Monument.  This was a no brainer to stop at.  They have a cute little gift shop and sprawling grounds that you can walk around and see the outline of the home where GW was born and lived for some of his childhood.  It has been rebuilt to resemble what the farm would have looked like when George lived there although thy aren't shy in saying it is much much nicer and larger than it actually would have been.

The stone walkway pictured below is the outline of where his home was.  It was discovered years after the grounds were redone and the hoe on the property had been built so they just marked off where the original once stood.

The garden.

this is the home that was built as part of the park to show what GW's childhood home would have looked like.  It is a beautiful building but nothing like the actual home that once stood here.

The Dairy.

The corrals for the animals that live on the farm.

The blacksmith shop.

Drying tabaco.


Very mean Rams.

The yard.  Such a pretty serene place.

We were lucky enough to be able to go into the home that now stands there which was built in the early 1900s.

It was starting to get late, so we made our way back to Maryland and stopped at Gilligan's Pier for a couple drinks and some live music.  It is so nice to get out of the city and away to relax!

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