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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 10.28.16

How is it Friday already?  And the last one of October?  I had a great few days at the house in Florida, busy, but great as usual.  I ended up doing way more yardwork than I had planned but once I started I had to get everything perfect.  I didn't have as much fun as I planned but the yard looks AMAZING!  haha. I did manage to check out my favorite market, the Pierce Street Market on the waterfront in Clearwater and the Dunedin Craft Beer and Crab Festival.  I also got a pedicure, my nails done, a hairdo and a massage so it wasn't all work.  We have no big plans for Halloween yet, looks like Josh will have to work but I am hoping we will figure some thing out.  Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween, and stay tuned for pictures of my thrilled cat, in her costume haha.  

1. My new hair!  I love it!  It is sort of a strawberry- reddish ombré to blonde depending on the light I'm in.  It is so nice to have a change and a great hair cut.

2. I have been looking for a shelf for beside the fireplace in my sitting room since we bought the house and had been having a hard time finding the perfect one.  I have been collecting the things for the shelf for just as long, so when I saw this one at my favorite local antique store, Antiques & Uniques in Ozona, I had to have it.  The owner of it didn't want to sell it but luckily his wife convinced him they needed the room and that I should have it.  I took about 11 seconds to get it set up and everything on to it and I love it!

3. When I arrived at Tampa airport on Friday night, I went to Enterprise expecting to get my normal compact car and started joking with the girl giving out the cars about how I would love the red Challenger sitting near the back.  We laughed and she said it would be like 21.99 more a day or something and I said my husband would kill me if I did that.  Anyway, as she was digging through the keys she said that she was going to give me it anyway even that, like, never happens.  The car was literally brand new, never rented out before and had like no miles on it.  Anyway, it was awesome and it was nice to have a fun car to drive for the first time in a few years.

4. When I was in Dunedin for the Craft Beer and Crab Festival, I decided to stop at Strachan's Ice Cream.  I had their carrot cake ice cream a few months and and it was awesome but I decided to try out their birthday cake one this time.  I don't even really like hard ice cream but this was the best ice cream I have ever had.  It has batter in it and sprinkles and tastes better than pretty much any birthday cake ever I think.

5. I called Tee, my nail girl as soon as I got up Saturday, and set up an appointment for the afternoon.  I wanted something Fall-like and had a few ideas off Pinterest.  Anyway, I ended up with these super cute ones, perfect for Autumn in Maryland.  

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  1. Loving that bookshelf! And how awesome the girl let you have the Challenger, love getting some good customer service.

  2. How fun that you got the Challenger! Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!