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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 12.9.16

Happy Friday Darlings!  It is starting to get colder here in Maryland, which means it must be time to head back to Florida soon!  Actually it's really not that bad here, compared to the Northern US and of course, my home province of Saskatchewan where is hovering around -30C.  I realized yesterday it was in the high 40s (around 10C) and I was out for a walk wearing a winter jacket, mittens and a toque (beanie? for the American's reading....  by the way, please start calling it a toque... it's a way better name).  Obviously I have lost my cold edge, but I don't think anyone should live in -30... it is cruel and unusual punishment!

This week has flown, as usual, I've been writing Christmas cards and doing other Christmasy kinda stuff.  On SaturdayI hit up the Bath and Body Works 8.50 sale with Nicole then went to Mudd House for their Victorian Christmas with Lindsey and the kids and then Josh and I went into Alexandria for dinner and the Christmas Boat Parade.  Sunday, Josh and I went back to Mudd House and then to the Greene Turtle in La Plata to watch the Bear's game.  I stayed home most of the days in the week, besides going to the mall with Lindsey and the kids and braving the rain to go to the post office to mail Christmas parcels to Canada.  Just a side note, USPS is the biggest scam there is.  Charging people so much to mail gifts to their loved ones that they can't be with should be illegal.  It really should be, it is ridiculous.  A 9.6lb box cost me $57, that is the cheapest with no tracking or anything.  An 8oz envelope cost $9.60.  Actually that one cost me more than what the present inside was worth.  Sorry, rant over, but seriously, it's sickening.  Wednesday night, Josh and I went into DC for the Capitals vs. Bruins game. I love nothing more than a Hockey game!

We don't have much for plans for the weekend, Josh is working 12 hours a day 7 days a week right now, but it is our anniversary on Monday, so HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY TO US!

Alright, everyone enjoy your weekend, and remember, two weeks until Christmas!

1. Dr. Mudd House is about five miles from our apartment.  It is the home that belonged to the doctored that looked after John Wilkes Boothe after he fled Ford's Theatre, having assassinated Lincoln.  Dr. Mudd was jailed, even though he had no idea who Boothe was at the time and even called the police himself to say he had a shady guy at his house.  Anyway, they had the house done in Victorian era Christmas style, along with Santa, cookies and Civil war displays and reenactments.  Very cool.  The house is also very famously known to be haunted.

2. Saturday was also the Christmas Boat Parade in Alexandria.  They had a couple dozen boats dressed up in all different costumes for Christmas.  It was hard to get pictures but I got a couple.  There were some very impressive boats!  After we grabbed a burger at the Lighthorse Tavern and Josh's had grilled cheese as the bun.  They also had deep fried Deviled Eggs which take one of my favorite appys to a whole new level.  Alexandria is also completely decorated for Christmas and is beautiful.  It looks like it did when we got here, which makes me realize we have almost been here a year!

3. The Bruins at Capitals game on Wednesday.  I'm not overly a fan of either of these teams, but Josh is a big Bruins fan and it was a great game and I wore my Flames hat to represent.

4. I may have mentioned that I have been winning contests like crazy lately.  I entered an Instagram contest to win some oysters from @visitvirginia and Rappahannock River Oysters and had to tag a friend and Josh and I both ended up winning 50 oysters.  We got our first shipment this week and ate some raw and grilled up the rest with some compound butter. Delicious!  Luckily Josh got an oyster shucker knife for his birthday and is actually really good at working it.

5. Another giveaway I won was for some Christmas cards from one of my favorite local Tampa area artists, Kate Kreates.   I'm not really sure what you call her style, maybe Doodle design or something? Anyway I love her stuff, so check it out, or come to my house because I have a tons of her cards and prints.  If you come visit I will also make you come to the Pierce Street Market in Clearwater where she has a booth.

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  1. Love your favs..enjoy your festive weekend my love!!

  2. Haha you really have lost your cold edge!

    That is such insane pricing for mailing stuff! I understand you have to pay extra but lordy that is something else!

    Happy Weekend!