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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 12.16.16

Happy Friday, My Dears!  Can you believe there are only nine days left until Christmas?  I'm pretty much ready I think, and I head to Florida on Monday.  I will be spending the following couple days cleaning and doing yard work and decorating in preparation for Josh's family to come down from Maine on Thursday.  Josh will be driving down Friday or Saturday with Smudge.  We don't have much planned but it will be great to be at the house and have some family there to enjoy it with.  It has actually been a pretty packed week.  Josh has still been working 7 day a week 12 hours a day so we haven't seen each other much but I spent Saturday with Dave and Lindsey and the kids which was a really good time at the Toy Drive at the mall and the Kris Kringle Holiday Fair.  Sunday my cold and a bad migraine hit, and Monday I was pretty much out for the count with both of those.  Wednesday I got to have my Botox for my migraines finally (see below), yesterday I got my nails done and a massage.  My next few days will be mainly packing and cleaning, preparing for our trip to Florida!  Everyone have a great weekend, and we should see you one more time before Christmas!

1. Monday was my and Josh's 4 year anniversary.  He worked 12 hours until 7pm and I was as sick as a dog but we rallied and went into DC for dinner to District Chophouse.  It was delicious and totally worth it.  We both had steak and I have been craving a good steak for so long!  

2. On Wednesday I finally got to try out Botox for for my migraines.  It is pretty much a last resort so cross your fingers it works.  I got about 30 pokes all over my head and neck and for some reason I didn't think they hurt at all.  The video shows a few that I had done in my forehead.  It will take about a week before the effects for the migraines kick in but I do have one side effect already, I don't have any forehead wrinkles, nor can I even force my forehead to make wrinkles haha.

3. I got my nails done yesterday, and this picture does not do them justice, I waited until nighttime in our horribly lit apartment to take the picture.  The pinky is actually green and they are super cute and Christmasy. Also, how cute is the little snow globe Josh got me?

4.  Another one of my Instagram wins, a bottle of Cool down from my favorite sunscreen/aftercare/sun haircare products, SunBum.  These products work amazing and smell great and I happened to see a contest they had going on Instagram and had to call their head quarters and give them a Christmas Vacation quote.  Luckily I know the movie off by heart.  Seriously though, if you live somewhere sunny, try these products.  So worth it.

5. I am obsessed with this new show on TNT.  It is super smart, and just the right amount of sad and funny AND it has one of my girl crushes, Michelle Dockery.  The character she plays could not be any more different than her Downton Abbey role and she owns it.  Basically she is a thief and drug addict that is trying to clean up her life to get her son back, but she just keeps getting herself into situations that that make behaving difficult.  Check it out, there is some thing for everyone.

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  1. Your nails are so cute festive. Also, a nice steak dinner sounds wonderful. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. That anniversary dinner looks amazing. I love Michelle Dockery so I need to check out Good Behavior. Jess at Just Jess