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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fab Friday Faves 3.10.15

Happy Friday My Dears! This will be my last Friday in Florida for a while as we are headed back to Maryland this weekend.... yes I am very sad but we had a great time and got a lot done.   Saturday we went to an awesome vintage market in Safety Harbor and then to a craft beer fest in Dunedin which was fun.  Sunday was my birthday and a pretty quiet day which was fine.  We went for a walk at one of my favorite places, went to a Crawfish boil and went for dinner at Captin Jacks in Tarpon Springs where I ate a lot of seafood.  We went on a little overnight roadtrip down the coast on Monday and Tuesday.  You can read about that here. The rest of the week has been mostly yard work, raking and laying down new mulch, pressure washing the house and pool deck and washing windows.  Fun stuff but it has to be done!  

Everyone have an awesome weekend, and see you next week back in Maryland! 

1. We went to the Safety Harbor Vintage Market Saturday and finally found the perfect kitchen table. It fits perfectly and looks so cute, from Lemon Tree Vintage Market.  You can't see it all but we also got a really cool new light for above the table.

2. Some of my birthday presents.  I showed off my Hillberg and Berk set last week and these are some of the rest.  My new Dunedin hoodie and flamingo for by the pool, also from my parents, an essential oil nebulizer diffuser, Paleo cookbook, bee house and some snacks from Josh, my butterfly house from Stephanie and Steve, and really cute tunic and some brooches from grandma Jean (the shirt is in the wash so no picture yet!) and of course cash and some gift cards from the other awesome people in my life.  Thanks to everyone! 

3. I went out to Honeymoon Island and took some pictures the other day, and have been taking some pictures in our yard.  Got some good ones of the eagles, osprey and cute birds in the yard.

 4.  Got both my new cactus and my baby palm from mom planted and cute looking!
5. Got this bracelet with the Alice in Wonderland quote from the coolest girl at the Clearwater Market.  Her company is called Recover T and all of her jewelry is made from recycled T-shirts.  Not only that but part of the proceeds from her sales go to The Turning Point Foundation which helps people suffering from addiction get help and get back on their feet.  Not only that but she also repairs used clothing and donates them to organizations that help recovering addicts get out and find jobs.  Her stuff is super cool, so check it out!

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  1. I would be sad to leave Florida too, love the plants! Happy Friday, stopping by from Five on Friday!

  2. Sounds (and looks) like you enjoyed Florida. Love the bracelet -- I'll check out the link. Have a fun filled weekend!

  3. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and there was lots of sunshine and warmth.

    Happy Five on Friday

  4. We usually go to Florida, but it was so warm here this year we didn't bother. Love your bird photos.

  5. I hope your trip to Maryland goes well. It would be sad to leave all the sunshine.

  6. The bracelet is really beautiful..

    Please visit:

  7. Wow, between a vintage market and a craft beer fest me and CArly would have been in our element!

  8. Your weekend sounds amazing to me. Tricky is right, a vintage market and a craft beer fest are the perfect pair. I love your cactus, I've been sewing with some cactus print fabric and now I need to buy a few cactus' I think!