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Friday, March 31, 2017

Fab Friday Faves 3.31.17

Happy Friday everyone!  I missed last week's Five because, I literally did not have one favorite thing happen all week.  this week was close as well but I managed to find a few.  I'm going to keep my intro short and sweet, it's been a long week and I don't really have much to say.  So there.  Have a great weekend!

1. Yesterday I took a drive out to Purse State Park on the Potomac River.  Dave and Lindsey took the kids there last weekend and found a bunch of fossilized shark teeth, so I had to go.  I found a bunch in a very short time, and I was the only person on the whole beach the entire time I was there, which was fabulous since it is never quiet where we live.  

2. Josh and I took a day trip to Georgetown in DC on Saturday.  We have tried to go there before, but it was just too busy.  It was pretty much the same this time but we braved it anyway.  We had a delicious brunch at Old Glory BBQ, saw the Exorcist stairs (where the priest falls down and dies at the end), the Watergate Hotel and some other gorgeous parts of the area.

3. Going way back to St. Patricks Day, we went out with some friends and had a great night, also celebrating my birthday at one of my favorite places, Red Oak Bistro.

4.  After almost completely dying while I  was in Saskatchewan last summer, my orchid decided to make a comeback and currently has about 8 blooms on it!  I've always been pretty good at growing Orchids but I even impressed myself with this one.

5. I found this giant Lindt ball at Christmas Tree Shop the other day.  Sadly it is not one giant one, but I'd still take it filled with regular sized ones!

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  1. That Lindt ball is magnificent no matter what! Chocolate, nom...

  2. I've seen that giant Lindt ball before. I'd take it too! Yum. Sounds like you've had a pretty enjoyable last couple weeks!


  3. Your orchid is beautiful! I used to have one that looked like that, but I haven't been too successful with orchids myself :-/