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Friday, June 2, 2017

Fab Friday Faves 06.02.17

Happy Friday everyone, and hello June! I am very aware my blogging has been lacking lately.  May, might be my least blogged month ever, it just seems like it has been crazy busy and not with things to blog about!  I have a few things now, like Josh and I going camping for Memorial Day Weekend in Harper's Ferry, WV and participating in the Walk for the Animals with the Humane Society of Charles County.  Other than that, like I said, it has just been busy! It is less than one month until we go to Saskatchewan for some Canada time and my baby brother's high school graduation.  Alright, everyone have a great weekend, and I swear I'll blog more in the upcoming weeks!

Josh and I went to Harper's Ferry, WV and camped for Memorial Day Weekend.  I won't say much about it so I have something to say in my blog that's actually about it, but we did some hiking, some wine tasting, and saw some really cool historic sites.  Not to mention it was one of the most beautiful places I have seen in the USA.

For anyone that read my Baby Shower Blog, here is the little man that it was in honor of!  He is almost three weeks old now and is just perfect!

I had to go to Prince Fredrick, MD to my doctor's other office to get my Botox done last time, and while I was looking for a coffee shop to go to after  I stumbled across Blondie's Baking Company.  They were on Cupcake Wars, the TV show and these cupcakes were to die for!   Oh and the coffee was really good too!

 I decided to sign up with Young Living Essential oils, and my awesome leader, Kelsie sent me these fantastic rollers with some of the oils that I really needed.  She even sent me one for Nicole.  I'm super pumped to be part of Young Living, and if you need anything let me know ;)

I love Kombucha, but I've had some pretty nasty ones.  This one is a new brand I discovered and is delicious and has some amazing flavors.  If you see it, give it a try!

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  1. Those cupcakes look delicious! Yum! Hello from Saskatchewan!