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Friday, June 23, 2017

Fab Friday Faves 6.23.17

Happy Friday! This is my last Friday in the US for probably about a month, and it has been a pretty crazy week.  We had Blanca's birthday party Friday night, I had brunch with the girls Saturday morning, then Bob's birthday Saturday night, and Josh and I went our for a nice lunch on Sunday.  It was a very long weekend!  On Tuesday I had a hair appointment and Josh got his wisdom teeth pulled.  My hair turned out great, but right after, and on my way to get Josh, I started to feel funny and get a fever.  I discovered I had some sort of bite on my arm.  it looks like a spider bite, and I went to the doctor and she was pretty sure it was too.  Anyway I had a pretty high fever and general grossness.  I got put on some antibiotics and antihistamines but the giant red patch still really isn't getting better.  Josh's teeth turned out not so well and he didn't got to work on Wednesday.  He is very swollen and in a lot of pain, but it's getting better! Yesterday I went and hung out with Megan and the kids in their pool again, which is amazing. it really feels like you are out in the middle of the country, with a forest around you.  It is so much cooler, and quieter and less ghetto! I'll be packing and cleaning this weekend I' sure, and Nicole and I are going for pedicures!  To everyone in Canada, see you Tuesday  Have a great weekend!

Like I mentioned, I had a busy weekend.  The top picture is from my brunch with some of us girls that were in Peru, and for Blanca's birthday.  I hadn't seen Jules since Peru so it was great, and the restaurant in National Harbor, Rosa Mexicano was amazing!  The bottom pictures are from Blanca and Delia's birthday party on Friday at Casey Jones.  We also had an awesome time there! Saturday night was Bob's birthday but I didn't take one picture!  Thanks to David and Sandi for hosting again.

On Father's Day, I revealed my newest tattoo.  I wasn't able to actually get it on Father's Day, because apparently no tattoo shops are open on Sunday's but I got it a few days before, at Ink Junkeez.  This was the closing from the last letter that my dad ever wrote me and I love it! 

I got my hair done on Tuesday and it is finally as short and as blonde as I want it! Krystie at The Loft in La Plata did an awesome job.

I went to the Amish Market in Charlotte Hall on Wednesday, something I don't let myself do too often because it just has way too many delicious foods.  This week I got some of Ada's Rolls, which if they aren't famous, they should be, and some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and Ada's Whole Wheat bread.  everything is seriously delicious.

I tried the new Ombre Pink Drink at Starbucks, because it looked really pretty.  And it actually is pretty good! The really pink part tastes a bit like a pink Flintstone vitamin, but i kinda like that!

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  1. Your hair looks nice. I love the new tat and the meaning behind it. I have a weakness for Amish baked goods. They know how to cook!