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Sunday, December 8, 2013

An Afternoon at the Mausoleum

Lima has the second largest cemetery in the world, next to Iraq.  But it also it home to a massive mausoleum that has over 220, 000 residents, the Presb√≠tero Maestro.  The building of it was completed in 1808 on the outskirts of the city at the time, but now is very near the heart of the city.  The Cemetery holds people of all ages, nationalities, and income class.  It is still in use, although rarely and is now technically a museum, but has almost no funding to keep this beautiful, historic area from the effects of the environment, time and vandals.  It is home to presidents, and war heroes and famous artists.
I have taken this tour, once before when Miranda was here for a visit.  We took the tour at night with Marco, from Haku Tours, and not gonna lie, it was pretty creepy.  When I had the opportunity to do the tour again in the daytime with Colleen, I jumped at the chance.  I was sure seeing it in the light of day would give the whole place a different perspective, and I would be able to see everything I had missed in the dark.
Marco again picked us up, and gave us some history on the way there.  In the dark, I hadn't actually grasped how huge this place was.  25,000 square meters.  Massive.  Since I have explained some of the history before, I will keep this short, and only point out the very important facts.  Enjoy the photos of this magnificent place.

 The bodies are stacked 5 or 6 high, in rows that seem endless.

one of the newest and most well looked after graves.

Henrry Hamburger 

Gregoria was a dark witch who was taken from her home and burned to death.  She is buried here with a skull and crossbones as a warning.

The statue on the Panteon de los Proceres.  It is the largest mausoleum and is home to heroes of the War of the Pacific.

a wall of some of the first tombs placed here.

In the bottom corner is the grave of the first person buried here.  She is a Saint and is still worshipped.

a presidential tomb.

an older part of the mausoleum with San Cristobal in the background.

a tomb with the tree of death on the top.

a massive presidential tomb.

a man cutting flowers to put on the graves.

one of the statues that has fallen victim to vandals.

A family mausoleum where animal sacrifices have taken place by Shamans.


one of the centerpieces of the cemetery. Jesus's body laying on a pedestal in the middle.  

Colleen and Marco

The tomb of the Saint of Jobs/work.  People come here asking for help to get jobs.  They leave gifts and plaques on the back wall.


  1. Very cool and I did like the day pictures better. The witch's grave is very creepy btw, you'd think they'd bury her off to the side lol

    1. I know right! you'd think they would put the witches off in their own corner or the back or some special witch graveyard! glad you liked the pics!