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Friday, December 6, 2013

Fab Friday Faves 12.6.12

Hola amigos!  It seems like it has been a crazy week!  Josh had Sunday off and I spent the day cooking, preparing for the big Thanksgiving feast that evening and watching football.   We had the guys over and the dinner went off without a hitch.  Monday, I spent most of the day with the lovely Veronica at Jockey Plaza and came home with some items I LOVE (stayed tuned for a fashion update on a blog soon). Tuesday was my down day; yoga, some grocery shopping and an afternoon facetime with my darling Nicole (check her out at Adventures of a Wild Sunflower).  Wednesday, I had my crazy Gamarra Tour with Colleen and Thursday was a massage and a shopping date with Jules to San Isidro. I know, sounds awful right?  haha.  Today, Colleen and I will be heading out on another Haku tour to the Mausoleum in Lima.  I have done this before (Miranda Day One- Crypt Creepers) but it was at night.  I am looking forward to a new perspective, and a little less creepiness in the day!  I also found out today that next week, Josh and I are going to a lovely lodge in the Amazon for our 1st wedding anniversary!  So excited!  Anyway, here are my faves of the week!  Everyone enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

1. My new Kitty sweater that I got at Gamarra on Wednesday!  Like 15 dollars and too cute right?  Perfect for crazy cat lady Tanya!

2. These teeny tiny cherry tomatoes I got form the Bioferia on Saturday.  That is a US quarter that they are next to.  So cute and so delicious!

3. My new BCBG Max Azria clutch.  Jules and I went to the BCBG showroom yesterday for some 50% off sales and I found this gem.  Not really wintery, I know but remember, it is just going into sumertime here in Lima.

4. Crab Causa at Brujas de Cachiche. Causa has quickly become one of my favorite Peruvian foods.  It is seasoned potato, stuffed with pretty much anything you can imagine.  This crab one was amazing and the sun on the top is the Brujas de Cachiche (Witch's Brew)  logo.

5. I found these jugs on Monday at Saga Falabella with Veronica.  She was looking for furniture for her new apartment and they had these in the showroom.  I wish I could get them, but it would be impossible to fit them in my bag to get them home.  They would be amazing in our beach themed Florida house we want to get when we are done in Peru.

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  1. Loving the cat sweater!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I die for that BCBG clutch! I love the neon colors!! Also, love your kitty sweater! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

    New to your blog. Jill @

  3. Haha that shirt and your cats is amazing! Thanks for joining the blog hop :)
    xx Tia

  4. Such a cute top! Would love you to link up to #fashionfriday

  5. That shirt! It just touches my cat-lady heart :)

    Popping over from Fresh Face Friday, sending lots of love xo

  6. I just love the kitty sweater! Your cats are very adorable! The jugs are something new to me. They look so unique and for that reason I really like them.
    Stopping by from "Friday Favorites". Following you via Bloglovin. 
    Have a great week ahead :)
    Bismah @

  7. 1. My new Kitty sweater that I got at Gamarra on Wednesday! Like 15 dollars and too cute right? Perfect for crazy cat lady Tanya! 2. These teeny ...