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Friday, December 13, 2013

Fab Friday Faves 12.13.13

Good morning lovelies!  I am going to keep it short as we are still enjoying our time in the Amazon!  Here they are! Have a fantastic day!

1. This hat. Need I say more?  Made of Alpaca fur and apparently popular in Peru although I haven't actually seen anyone seriously wearing one.

2. This building down my street was recently painted in magenta chevron.  It's like my dream house.  If I were ever to become a lonely crazy cat lady this is where I would live.

3. Hibiscus are my favorite flower, and Peru grows them nicer than I have ever seen anywhere in my life!  So gorgeous!

4. Papachos burger.  Papachos is on the hilton Hotel in Miraflores and has some of the best burgers ever.  This one is the BLT burger with blue cheese.  And the onion rings are to die for.

5.  My sock monkey wax burner from my mommy.  Makes me smile everytime I walk by.

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