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Friday, December 20, 2013

Fab Friday Faves 12.20.13

Buenos Dias chicas!  I hope everyone has had a fabulous week!  I am sure everyone is anticipating Christmas and decorating and doing all that fun stuff and I certainly am jealous!  Because we never thought we were going to be here over Christmas, I never brought decorations, or fun clothes, or ingredients to make special Christmas baking. And because we are not staying much longer than Christmas and won't be able to take anything back with us I am keeping the decorations to a bare minimum.  I bought a bow for the door, a window stick on santa and a small strand of lights to wrap around the balcony railing.  So pardon my less than exuberant Christmas spirit this year!  It is totally not like me, but I am sure next year if we aren't in a crazy foreign country far from our families I will have it back!  
I have also been really sick since our trip to the jungle.  Like, can't leave the house without a near lethal dosage of pepto and other anti-diarreah medication.  I obviously picked up some sort of bug/parasite and should probably be going to the doctor.  I swear I will if I'm not better by Monday.  On the plus side, I have been able to catch up on a lot of TV shows and blogs!
I guess this will be my last Fab Friday Faves before Christmas, so everyone, have a safe and fun Christmas.  I will be thinking of you all while I lay on my rooftop and suntan haha.

I also would like to give a shameless plug to my brother's new business, JB SNOW REMOVAL.  If you are in the Kyle area and need snow removed from your driveway, sidewalks or anywhere else call or text Jesse at 375-7742 or Bram at 378-7278.

1.  I found this little graffiti gem while walking over to my massage the other day.  Not sure if I have never noticed it, or if it is new, but I loved it!  Too cute, and you all know my "cat thing."

2.  This owl and dragon are actually made of bread (trust me, I did some poking and prodding) and are currently on display in my grocery store, Wong.  I was pretty impressed!  I don't think you can buy them but if I find out I can I am so getting them both!

3.  Josh came home a couple days ago with a huge box, from the office, filled with both American and Peruvian snacks.  Pringles, Snickers, M&Ms, popcorn, pepperoni, cheeses, wine, champagne, Christmas cake, regular cakes, cookies and crackers etc.  It was a very nice gesture!  We don't need everything and will never eat it all, so I am going to give some of the things we won't eat to a couple families that need it.

4.  The box that the above items came in is also a great new toy for the cats.  Like all cats, Jinx and Smudge love boxes!  The first day jinx was inside and he and Smudge were batting at each other through the hand holes.  Not sure who it's more entertainment for, us or them.

5.  This is the Christmas tree that was at our lodge in Tarapoto, Tucan Suites.  I totally need one!  Christmas trees are so expensive here, and honestly I haven't even seen any to buy.  I think this would be great at home on a front porch or by a fire place!

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  1. Hi, cute collection! I can't believe that's bread and who doesn't like cats in boxes!? :) Have a Merry Xmas!
    Merrie @

  2. Such cute cats! :) Stopping by from the Link Up!

    Sweet Southern Sparkle