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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tanya- Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire!

First off, I must say, I am not a fashion blogger, nor do I or will I ever claim to be.  I enjoy clothes and shopping, but really know nothing about them.  That being said, I have recently purchased a couple of really cute summer outfits and I want to share!  So don't laugh, I am also not a model, and it is apparently difficult to take self photos while trying to look suave and like I'm not trying!  I also had some camera issues, as seen from the above photo which was accidental, but I think its my favorite haha.  

So this is the outfit.  Just comfy and summery, because it is only spring here and I am seriously sweating my ass off 24/7.  

I included the next one mostly because I had just gotten my hair done, and had some new colors thrown in and this shows it off pretty well.

And since these things are all cute, I have included where to get them all.

Shoes- Dijean brand from Azeleia one of my favorite shoe stores I have found in Lima.

Jean Shirt- Aeropostale (not sure if this is a Peru specific item or if they have the same in the US) from Saga Fallabella, a Macy's style department store in S.A.

Scarf- also bought from Saga Fallabella.  Lounge Women's Accessories.  

Shorts- The Gap Sunkissed shorts.  Currently on discount at  The Gap.

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