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Friday, September 12, 2014

Fab Friday Faves 9.12.14

Good morning lovelies!  It is another gorgeous Friday, and I am so excited today!  I am going to the Enrique/ Pitbull concert tonight with my friend Chrissy, and we have awesome seats... like 8 rows back!  It was one of my Christmas presents and Josh and I were going to go but he isn't really a fan of those two like I am, so we thought it best I take someone that would have just as much fun as I would.  Her and Chad are coming down for the night from Portland, ME.  
This week has been pretty quiet, Nicole came back Tuesday night, so we have spent the last couple days together, just doing what we do.  I've baked cookies, cooked dinners, all that fun stuff too.  Next week is a big week, Josh's BIG 30 is on Monday so Sunday we are going to have a little bit of a football party (pretty much just a normal Sunday during football season).  THEN, on Wednesday, my bestie from home, Miranda, comes for almost 2 weeks!  we have so much planned, but it is going to be a fantastic couple weeks, touring the city and just hanging out.  

Alright, here are my Friday Faves, enjoy and have a great weekend!  See you next week!

1.  As I am sure everyone is aware, yesterday was 9/11.  Having lived in NYC a few years ago, and now living in New Jersey, it has changed my perspective of the events of that day.  Seeing the people and the places of that day, everyday has made it so real and even more heartbreaking than ever.  We took this picture and a few others, last night from the boardwalk in front of our apartment.  It is so  beautiful and eerily peaceful.  Never Forget.

2.  I got this Ganado Hooded Cardigan last weekend at Aeropostale in the mall by our place for 38.00.  I had been eyeing it for a couple weeks and decided to take the plunge.  So gorgeous and so comfy.  If it wasn't still so freaking hot here, I would totally be living in it.

3.  Another cute sweater find from one of my favorite stores in Hoboken Ruby and Jenna.  Another one that I cannot wait to start wearing (not that I am wishing cold weather upon us or anything!)  I love the details on it and it is so soft.

4. I ordered these boots from my new online obsession, 6pm.  The deals on clothing, shoes and accessories on this site are insane.  These are the Mia Skyline in taupe nova suede.  I just got them in the mail tonight and they are a dream!  they fit perfectly (even over my fat calves) and I can tell they are going to be so comfy!

5. Last Sunday, for the first Sunday Football of the season, Josh, Jason and I went to O'Haras just a few blocks away in Jersey City.  Josh and I had been there a couple weeks before for dinner and loved it so we thought we would give it a try.  Turns out it was great.... and this Bacon Bloody Mary was one of the best I have ever had!  Will be returning there for sure, I just wish their food menu was better during football!

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